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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast (28-04-2011)

    OHH YeaH!! What a shining episode.. Can't wait
    for the 'Summer Sessions 2011' :P

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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast (28-04-2011)

    Well, this year so far there’s a lot of sick episodes, but sometimes You need just a trivial reason to say that ‘‘This one is absolutely brilliant. One of the best episode of this year so far!’’ I ‘m not a big fan of Omnia in spite of few massive productions and I describe this episode as a whole. There’s got to be something which cause that You are listening the same set countless times. I can’t strictly say it was place, event or just a simple impulse. What I know, that for me this Global DJ Broadcast episode is really special.

    Huge tracks which I can listen all the time, like: ‘’Don’t Speak’’, ‘’Redeemer’’, ‘’Viola’’, ‘’Room to Breathe’’, ‘’Spirit’s Pulse’’, ‘’Surreal’’, ‘’Jet Packin’’’, ‘’Lifted’’ and ‘’We Come 1’’ with perfect groove and feeling are amazing. I just named just a some per cent of this brilliant, final product called ‘GDJB – 28 Apr 2011 with Omnia’.

    Huge two hours. Ang huge, spontaneous joy from my side during listening again and again this set.
    With passion since 1993 & 1991

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