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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast (21-04-2011)

    Hehe guys. I knew Kerosene before It was made. Aerofoil told me, you guys know me and himself are good friends, but he didn't give me any samples, and this Kerosene is better than I thought. :O Huge stuff.

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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast (21-04-2011)

    Kerosene is so massive haha wow ! The EP Aerofoil is just releasing is ridiculous,

    1- Careless to Impress
    2- Vortex
    3- Kerosene

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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast (21-04-2011)

    ‘’Angular Momentum’’ and ‘’Rainy Days’’ – nothing but delight. For me ‘’Angular Momentum’’, with its fantastic bassline is definitely one of the best track of this year. A bomb!
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