The vast majority of people don't get to see the likes of Markus play that often, so who gives a flying fuck if he plays a similar set a few times in a row? Next time i see him live, i'll be disappointed if he doesn't drop a few of his tried & tested tracks (Caress 2 Impress, Outsider & Perception would send me bezerk, despite the fact i've already hear them a ton of times.)

The fact that so many sets are so easily available via the internet has turned a lot of EDM fans into whining dickheads. Everything has to be new & different, it's bullshit.

As for Gareth Emery, that tracklist is awful but Northern Lights Re-Lit just came out. Naturally he's gonna play the SHIT out of it at events like ASOT 500. Playing virtually the entire album back to back probably wasn't a good idea mind.