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Make that 2 years. He absolutely blew it this time and is getting a lot of criticism everywhere. Unfortunately most DJ's nowadays are blinded by the #trancegayfamily masses who have no clue and think everything is awesome.
What an immature comment to make, you're blaming the "Trancefamily" for what DJ's play in there sets? Have you ever heard the saying, "Different strokes, for different folks" I mean If you dont like it then dont listen to it. I dont like alot of what Armin plays, so therefore I dont listen to ASOT. But, I dont blame the "Trancefamily" for what Armin plays! Shit if that was the case then you would see Markus playing the same thing as the "other DJ's."

Anyhow, get to know people first before you start putting them down. This is exactly whats wrong with the scene, to many damn haters! Seriously, grow up and get a life.\