David Barnes - Noodler / Charlie the Fisher

Release Label: Coldharbour Recordings Red
Release Code: COLD025
Release Date: Apri l4th 2011

Charlie the Fisher

Available to purchase digitally on Beatport by Clicking Here

The Coldharbour Red imprint of Markus Schulz’s empire came back into full swing for 2011 with the release of the huge anthem Sinners, under his Dakota alias. Following up a track of such stature is not easy, but Coldharbour Red presents you with an EP many have been anticipating for quite a while.

A mystery unknown ID was played by Markus Schulz on the Global DJ Broadcast World Tour recorded live at Pacha in New York City last May. What followed was months of excitement and even more speculation behind the identity of who produced such a groovy yet melodic club driven hit. And this intensified even more, when it became one of the highlights of Markus’ solo set from Ibiza last summer.

The man behind the mystery is no stranger to Coldharbour Recordings, thanks to the infamous Forget About Us monster; his remix work on tracks such as Johnny the Fox and Waiting for the Sun under the Barnes & Heatcliff and Lentos monikers respectively; and making a major contribution to the Do You Dream: The Remixes album by remixing Markus’ iconic track The New World. But it’s time for Austria’s David Barnes to stamp his individual imprint on Coldharbour Recordings’ story, and judging by the reactions to leading track Noodler from clubbers and radio listeners worldwide, his imprint has been very successful.

Complimenting the huge Noodler is a deeper and chunkier alternative, and one which has been tearing up Global DJ Broadcast airwaves throughout February and March. Charlie the Fisher boasts that hallmark Coldharbour Red sound - dark and twisted, but with a melody that shines through. A perfect track to set the tone in the early period of a club night.

Noodler proved to be one of the outstanding anthems throughout Miami’s Music Conference week, with support from Markus Schulz live at Club Space. It’s sure to dominate dancefloors in the coming months, and Charlie the Fisher won’t be too far behind.



Charlie the Fisher