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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast (10-02-2011)

    Quote Originally Posted by Daydreamer
    Quote Originally Posted by DoMarcikar
    Quote Originally Posted by Daydreamer
    I don't believe that's true.

    Yes it happened with Rain (Phynn Remix), but that track was to be revealed the next episode anyway as told by Tim in the GDJB chat.

    Since it has been a long ID for now I hope it will be revealed around 2 weeks before the release date.
    If true? Man. One of my fav tune, I ever heared. I'm beliving everything now. I really hope, It will get a lot votes. I'll try to tell ym friends to vote it.
    Markus played it on this week's ASOS. :P

    Edit: As well as the Mayday ID and the longer version of Sinners.
    Trust me guys, we will know the ID next week, just vote it, vote it, and vote it. I was also thinking about, we should get the Mayday ID. It's really awesome. If he will play, and I was right about Track 13, then I'm going to tell all my friends also.

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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast (10-02-2011)

    beat service - outsider for life choon

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