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Markus Schulz: "Behind the Decks, Behind Willamette University Cycling"

Electronic music has always been out on the musical cutting edge. And if his three consecutive years in DJ Mag's worldwide Top 10 and his steady succession of critically acclaimed artist albums and comps are any indication, Markus Schulz is one of those few elite DJs who consistently push the musical envelope - not only in terms of basslines and melodies, but also in terms of community projects.

The same creativity and commitment to progression that color the Coldharbour sound now show themselves in Coldharbour Recording's groundbreaking sponsorship of the Willamette University Cycling Team. We are a 5-year-old collegiate racing program based out of Salem, Oregon, with a deep-rooted love for trance music... and an even deeper loyalty for Global DJ Broadcast, the once-unofficial/now-official soundtrack to our training and competition!

Meet the team:

Founded in 2006 by a handful of undergrads with a dream to chase, Willamette Cycling started small. Without so much as matching jerseys, we would drive every weekend across the Pacific Northwest to compete, sleeping on couches and living off bulk purchases of pasta and chocolate milk. (Ed. - all of this except the jerseys bit is still the case.) On our mind at all times: the team motto, "Strength and Honor!"

Year after year Willamette Cycling grew, raising funds and working constantly to make bike racing accessible and fun for beginning racers. By 2009 the team had established an effective organization and verily "found its wings;" December 2009 saw the team's first participation in the USA Cycling National Championships in Cyclocross.

2010 was an even bigger year. In January we sent an elite squad to southern California to develop an early-season training tan in the hills surrounding pastoral Ojai. Mission accomplished - but not before the team encountered numerous zany obstacles and allies, including (but not limited to) the ill-advised use of embrocation as cologne, horribly steep mountains, a muscle-bound Australian playboy with a penchant for storytelling, and a nightclub that refused to accept USA Cycling licenses as valid photo ID.

With the support of a near-constant GDJB soundtrack, Willamette Cycling persevered: California Training Camp ’10 was such a success that Training Camp '11 ran at the beginning of last month! (Report forthcoming.)

2010 only got better from there: 0n April 3rd we hosted the first annual Capitol Cup Criterium race on a closed course directly surrounding the Oregon State Capitol Building. Supported by a mixture of local and national sponsors, our race drew not only collegiate racers from the entire Pacific Northwest but also competitors in the all-inclusive “OBRA” (Oregon Bicycle Racing Association) categories, professional and amateur alike.

The spring wrapped up in the best way possible: with a trip to Wisconsin for the USA Cycling Collegiate Road National Championships, where Brendon Gallant represented the Bearcat Cycling colors. It wasn't in the cards for us to bring home any medals, but Willamette’s first experience at road Nationals was absolutely a great one. We can’t wait to return this spring, stronger than ever!

This Year:

Absent the "founding fathers," now graduated, 2011 will be a period of transition for the young riders who joined us as freshman in 2010 and who have now inherited the Willamette Cycling legacy. The outlook is bright: the 2011 team leadership is doing the finest job yet of mobilizing interest in the sport and tearing down the barriers to entry that keep bike racing "out of reach" for young people who might otherwise find it intimidating or expensive.

2011 will see the Willamette Cycling surpass our efforts of 2010 in every way. The athletes will continue their rise through the National rankings, and the Capitol Cup Criterium will become an even more important event for the community. One thing is certain - without the generosity of GDJB and our other sponsors, it would be all but impossible to bring new riders into the sport or give back to the cycling community with our own events. In gratitude, Willamette Cycling will continue our ongoing efforts to spread the Markus Schulz sound - graduating and incoming members alike.

Check this space for ongoing updates from the team. And to Markus and GDJB: an enthusiastic Thank You!!