I'll check with the folks at Armada for you guys on Monday and let you know if there's anything concrete.

What I will say about scheduling and putting up a thread about forthcoming releases... I don't really want to do that, for the simple reason that the schedule changes practically every single week, for countless reasons.

I don't think it's fair on anyone if we present a date as being fact, only for it to be pushed back or delayed and people to get upset. Sadly I've had to read some horrible things posted on forums directed at me and others within Coldharbour about scheduling, but it's ultimately Armada who is in charge of the dates and the distribution to the download stores.

(I know Anjuna do and fair play to them for that, but there is no way I would want a situation on my plate like Thing Called Love being put in a schedule for release in July last year, constantly put back, and eventually removed altogether)