he is a legend and has some very forthright views but has some slightly pretentious remarks here n there

i'm not goin to post the whole article but here some


Finding music that qualitatively stands out from the masses – this is my mission.
Visionary music that never lets you go.
Music that makes you curious for more.
Music that has the power to create something new and to unite people. Music by and for DJs, ideally in a forceful dance floor sound, however not conservative but free in arrangement and open for new ideas, especially open for the combination of old and new. It should be loud and powerful but also subtle, subliminal, soulful and silent, right up to experimental bizarre and totally weird. It must be authentic, not something that's copied and imitated. Revolutionary music that creates something new. This is my impetus and that is how music should be, this is what I'm looking for and that is what I want to reach. Searching and creating for 30 years... non stop!

for you LapTop DJs.....
I could never imagine myself working with a 'sync button', because I would miss the tension and, besides that, something very essential: the fun of mixing! I'm also not a fan of effects and artificial breaks. Sure, some shenanigans with the equalizer are rather normal and can be indeed impressive when used but I want to emphasize that the music I play does not need any post-processing, edits and the like, as it already contains a certain originality and is not only able to keep its character, but to even develop and unfold it! Also as an author and producer, I would not be happy if my song was totally cut up and drowned in effects, I mean, what remains from your song then? There's a big fluctuation nowadays, the DJ acts as the producer and the producer acts as the DJ. Blame it on technology!

..Club Music – this is the custom-made sound for the dance floor. It was a very exciting time back then, when electronic sounds became more and more present and established in the clubs. I can vividly recall when I heard Kraftwerk for the first time in 1981 at the Dorian Gray. It literally blew my skullcap! At that time, the Dorian Gray had the best sound system in Germany and I felt like being in an UFO: laser lights and fog clouds ("Computerwelt" was playing) in combination with that music... that was all I would need! Since that day, electronic music has always remained the most interesting and liberating music for me. The musical revolution, especially the revolution on the dance floor, is an electronic one!

I know its not Markus Schulz related but def a great read...!!