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WOW is all I can say. 5.5 hours of what Markus Schulz is all about. He played such a dark,deep,twisted set at times I was thinking to myself is this guy for real? We unfortunately won't hear it because it was the latter 3.5 hours of the set but boy was it incredible..bomb after bomb and he was interacting with the crowd so well and feeding off their energy.

The best I've seen markus over the 15x or so I've seen

Also, whoever made the where trance went wrong video should listen to the entire 5.5 hour set...BEYOND incredible.

Thanks for closing with breathing..not sure if it was because of my request but I appreciate it. I'm "Ryan and Kris's" tall friend it was nice to see you again.

Until next time..however I honestly don't see how this set can be topped.