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    Re: Markus Schulz about my avatar

    I think it was him something embarrassing.
    Such moments should be in memory not on an avatar! IMO

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    Re: Markus Schulz about my avatar

    hey, it's hard not to bust a move during 'reach out' ... at least markus has some rhythm, i'm sure if that camera was turned 180 degrees at that particular moment you would have seen me dancing in a far more embarrassing manner
    what's up and welcome

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    Re: Markus Schulz about my avatar

    I don't see what the big deal is, He doesn't seem mad or anything on the clip, Just made a little sarcastic remark, He didnt do any harm whats so ever, I'm sure he chuckled about it when he first seen it in the forums.

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    Re: Markus Schulz about my avatar

    haha just saw that video, pretty awesome. whoever filmed the video - what camera did you use?
    Tune of the moment: Arty & Mat Zo - Rebound :mrgreen:

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