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  1. Re: Markus Schulz - Do You Dream: The World Tour Documentary

    Just noticed myself partying in Moscow, and it recalled me one story I keep deep in my heart. Here it is.
    Just a couple of days before the show, Markus released a 30-min long album preview on...
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    Global Gathering Saint Petersburg 07/17

    Lots of brand new stuff, only one Markus Schulz track:)

    Here are some of the tracks he played:

    ID Stability mashup
    Perception (int the remix, that I didn't like...
  3. Re: Markus Schulz - "Do You Dream?" Album Announcement

    Markus said in the beginning of March on his twitter, that he had been working hard mixing down the tracks to make them fit on a CD. The job was perfectly done resulting as precise as 78:00, but some...
  4. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: World Tour - Moscow (10-06-2010)

    How do you know that? You were in Moscow?

    PS: Proud to say, that this track was requested by me:)
  5. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: World Tour - Moscow (10-06-2010)

    This set could have been 1:15 long, but due to moving the party indoors because of weather conditions and Prodigy, who cancelled their gig, Markus had 2 hours!

    Little secret be told: by the very...
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    Re: Dark Heart Waiting - The Video

    Couple more vids like that one together with some MTV promotion and a spot in Top3 of DJmag's poll is pretty much guaranteed:)
  7. Thread: Clinch - Rain

    by megapotz

    Re: Clinch - Rain

    Release date of what? That's just a short intro created by Markus to kick off his compilation. I hardly doubt that it'll come up again anywhere else.
  8. Re: The Markus Schulz Iphone App Has Been Released

    App still needs to be finished off. Upcoming gigs is not up to date, photo gallery should preload pictures to make the viewing smooth, video preview pics do not coincede with description.
    It would...
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    Re: Markus Schulz - Las Vegas '10

    1) Something tells me that alias Clinch = Markus Schulz. Dying to find out if it's correct:)
    2) Afterhours mix of Chinook is the weirdest track on the compilation - can anybody hear at least some...
  10. Re: GDJB Classics Showcase 2009 - Your Suggestions Wanted!

    Airwave (Remix) // Rank 1
    Seven Cities (Armin van Buuren Remix) // Solar Stone

    are just perfect to close the set
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