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  1. Re: Today - Markus Schulz Live From Be at Space Ibiza Closin

    this one is Dada Life - Happy Violence
  2. Re: Saturday - Markus Schulz Exclusive Set on Slam FM

    so, who's your daddy? :D
  3. Re: Saturday - Markus Schulz Exclusive Set on Slam FM

    i think this one is from Eelke Kleijn. and Dark Cloud is coming
  4. Re: Classics Showcase 2010 - Your Requests Please

    I wanna hear:
    - Space Manoeuvres - Stage One (Markus Schulz Dark Star Mix) or (Space Manoeuvres' Separation Mix)
    - Young Parisians feat. Ben Lost - Jump The Next Train (Solarstone Remix) or...
  5. Re: LIVE Today! Markus Schulz Live From Electric Zoo Festiva

    Remix on Rain, i think
  6. Re: Ibiza Summer Sessions Sunrise Set - Your Requests Wanted

    01. Keo Nozari - Close Enough (Noel Sanger Remix) wanna hear this track again. totally love it!
    02. Markus Schulz vs Chakra - I Am (Vocal Mix)
    03. Glenn Morrison - Blue Skies With Linda (Original...
  7. Re: Live Now! Markus Schulz Live at Bal en Blanc (05-04-2010)

    Tuned in! Listening to last track by Ferry. Really nice one... Oh, three hours of Markus, great!
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    Re: [Photos] Ultra Music Festival 2010

    Last 3 pictures from EddyAB are really funny! :)
    P.S. Seriously, anyone knows Markus' watch brand? They are so cool!
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    Re: [Photos] Red Room 02.27

    Great photos!
    Anyone knows, what watch does Markus wear?
  10. Re: [Video] Markus Schulz Armada Interview January 2010

    Really great news that Markus recorded track with guy from Departure. I love all his tracks with them. Interested also in new vocalist... :)
  11. Re: Coldharbour Day 2009 on (28-07-2009)

    Tuned in, massive start by Mr. Pit!
  12. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: Ibiza Summer Sessions (09-07-2009)

    First track from SvR's mix is Radion 6 - Ultra Disko (Original Mix)
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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast (28-05-2009)

    :o :shock:
    when will it be in stores then? :D[/quote]
    Release date is 26th June... Can't wait!!!
    Marco V is great producer, but his type of trance is boring. Like only Unprepared. :(
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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast (15-01-2009)

    Massive mix by Markus, great prog by Max.
    Second ID in Max's mis is Astronivo Featuring DJ Zombi - Anything You Want (Beckers Remix)
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