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  1. Re: Markus Schulz doing some crazy dance moves at the DJ Boo

    LMAO! Markus you are a fuckin joker!!! That's awesome!!!

    If I were Markus, I'd be doing the same thing :D:D
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    Re: Pacha NYC | Toronto 7 & 8 May 2010

    WOW - that's the best way to describe the guv set.

    Hands down, it was simply THE best live set I've ever heard in my life. It had the perfect blend of new stuff and classics and killer energy...
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    Re: Happy Birthday Markus, 18 again =)

    Happy birthday Markus!! With another year behind you, just make sure to stay young at heart - and keep rocking those beats like you always do!!

    Come to Toronto soon! Koolhaus misses you!!
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