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  1. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: Toronto '09 Special (05-03-2009)

    :roll: Aww im going to miss today's show im gutted hope you all have a good one anyway ;)
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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast (19-02-2009)

    Happy birthday Hayley and best wishes to you on your special day ! Im looking forward to chat as I was at the Tivoli theatre Dublin to see Markus on the 14th of feb. I got to meet Touching ...
  3. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: World Tour - Best of 2008 (25-12-2008)

    :D Happy Christmas everyone and a happy new year ! Sadly i wont be able to listen in tomarrow night . Would have loved to listen in im sure it will be a great broadcast as always . Also best...
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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast (13-11-2008)

    :D I will be present for sure ! :D
  5. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: World Tour - Budapest (06-11-2008)

    :D Cant wait not long now
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