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    Re: Markus Schulz Solo set 2011?

    I would rather the solo set from MOS to be broadcasted as it was for 7hrs,plus i was at the night and would love to recap the night again and listen to some of the classics Markus played on the...
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    Re: Favorite Transition?

    i had the pleasure of hearing this in prague it was unreal
    Rank 1 & Jochen Miller vs. Yuri Kane - The Right Escape (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)>
    Phunk Investigation - DNA Extractor...
  3. Re: 10-06-2011 - Ministry Of Sound, London (SOLO SET)

    [quote][/which one were you.. were you the one in the hat? i cant remember you guys were epic.. quote]

    harith its hodge mate......seen ur pics on facey some real belters....some real dodgy ones...
  4. Re: 10-06-2011 - Ministry Of Sound, London (SOLO SET)

    hey guys thanks for an absoloute belter of a night...thanks hairth and edoni for the kind words us crazy scots do love a good party...hope to meet up in the near future for some more...
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    Re: Markus causing a storm this year.

    I agree think the dj top mag is just a rip off to be judge jules not 18th or something? John o'callaghan fell back a few places too. But the big one was dash berlin coming in at 15th the...
  6. Re: Markus Schulz Live at Prague '11 Release Party (12-02-20

    i noticed after opera one of his ids were coming in,not sleepwalkers but the one from chicago world tour he played at the end of his set :cry:
  7. Re: Markus Schulz Live at Prague '11 Release Party (12-02-20

    yeah thanks to everyone who made this happen,the night in prague will live in my memories for the rest of my life it was epic.....and to hear it all over again is just so special,would like to know...
  8. Re: Live Thursday - Markus Schulz Prague '11 Release Party

    Yeeeeeeeeesssssssssaaaaaaaa!!!! Cannot wait to relive those magic memories....thank you markus :D :D :D :D
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    Re: All current IDs

    The 2nd id is artento divini presents dtc- lift off :D ...
  10. Re: Set from SaSaZu

    please tell me the set was recorded cos this was just an epic night!! can it not be a world tour!!
  11. Re: 12-02-2011 Prague '11 - Coldharbour Citizens Meeting

    would just like to say that i had the most amazing time of my life,markus samshed it for 5.5 hrs solid and tbh i could have went another 5.5 hrs of markus,he was absolutely amazing behing the decks...
  12. Re: 12-02-2011 - Prague' 11 Release Party @ Club SaSaZu, Pra

    is this offical? rubbing my hands together with just the thought of this!! :D :D
  13. Re: 12-02-2011 - Prague' 11 Release Party @ Club SaSaZu, Pra

    hey guys who's all going to this?? anyone goin want to pm and meet up??
  14. Re: Markus Schulz Solo: Live From Amnesia in Ibiza (20-09-20

    epic hands down 1 of the best sets iv ever heard sober lol totally rocked it!!!
  15. Re: LIVE! Markus Schulz Solo: Live From Amnesia in Ibiza

    luv this tuuuuuuuuuuuuuneeeee 28 bal en blanc!!!!
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    Re: Latest ID's

    anyone know the id 21 on the gdjb moscow set???
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    Re: What Happened

    i think markus schulz is the best thing since sliced bread!!!!

    the dj iv seen most has been gareth emery and i can tell you that over the years iv liked him but iv heard him playing his remix of...
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    Re: the arches glasgow 07/08/10

    well guys what can i say? markus is just the daddy he is certainly got to be no.1 this year he was immense,markus style certainly suits the arches absloute banging best night iv had in there for...
  19. Re: Markus Schulz Live From Nature One Festival (30-07-2010)

    anyone know track thanks man
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    the arches glasgow 07/08/10

    hey anyone making this event @the arches glasgow.

    should be a very sepcial night,jerome isma-ae warming up for markus hope to hear banging set!!!! happy days :D :D :D
  21. Re: Markus Schulz Live From Bal en Blanc 2010 (05-04-2010)

    still no word on the id no.28??? its sounds like a gameboy tetris remix is so god damn crazy good tune!!!
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