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  1. Re: Markus @ Cream 19th Birthday, Nation, Liverpool

    Im in, also doing Markus at Gods the same month. October is going to be intense !
  2. Thread: ID from 2008

    by jonesy89

    ID from 2008

    Alright guys can anybody help me with ID'ing this track from a markus set in 2008, Taken from Markus Schulz Syndicate Blackpool 4/5/2008. Link- Thanx...
  3. Re: Markus VS Garreth Best of Both Worlds at Space

    Alright guys. Im going to be there for this one. It should be a good one depending on which Gareth Emery turns up, i saw gareth and markus on the same night last year at Sankeys Manchester and Markus...
  4. Re: All Dakota Episode for release of Thoughts Become Things

    Great Idea. Support from me :)
  5. Re: Markus Schulz - Do You Dream: The World Tour Dcoumentary

    Im pretty sure this will provide some top class entertainment. This will get a purchase from me no doubt!
  6. Re: Markus Schulz - Do You Dream: The Remixes Album

    To me this symbolises how comercialized trance music is at this moment in time. It is all about making money now when it should be about the people and the music itself. i find it hugely...
  7. Re: The Makings Of Markus Schulz & Jochen Miller - Rotunda

    Wow if a 15 second preview can be that good imagine how good the full track will be.
    Nice work Markus & Jochen!! :D
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    Re: How not to program a set.

    For me gareth is a seriously overated dj. His sets are boring predictable and poorly structured. How he is above Markus in the dj mag top 100 i dont know. Ive seen gareth emery around 10 times over...
  9. Re: My Interview With Markus Schulz on Prague 11 + extras

    Cheesy Bread is the Future!! :)
  10. Thread: GDJB DVD

    by jonesy89

    Re: GDJB DVD

    This would be amazing if true. I do seem to remember Markus mentioning something about this in one of his blogs a couple of months ago. Hope something comes of it!
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    Re: sankeys 16Jul!!!

    What a set Markus played, he made Gareth Emery look like a school boy.
    Here are a few Videos from the night:

    ID Track 08 from ASOT 450 Wroclaw Set
  12. Re: Ibiza Summer Sessions Sunrise Set - Your Requests Wanted

    1.Probspot- Foreplay
    2.Flash Brothers- Destiny
    3.Jaytech- Pepe's Garden
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    Re: sankeys 16Jul!!!

    i will be attending its impossible to say no to a 3 hr markus set, sankeys is also a dark and intimate venue which definately suits markus' style. Its a ticket only event and last time i checked...
  14. Re: 06-18-2010 Ministry of Sound, London (Solo Set)

    Thank you Markus for a simply amazing night, ibiza may be a bit much but looking forward to your 3 hr set at sankeys manchester in a few weeks. Cannot wait!!
  15. Re: 06-18-2010 Ministry of Sound, London (Solo Set)

    me and 5 other markus chummers will be in the weatherspoons pub around the corner from the club before hand. i think thats generally where everybody goes before the big nyts!!
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    Re: Coldharbour Day - Tuesday July 28th 2009

    Wow actually cant wait for this 1. Markus extended sets are never to be missed. hope i can catch the full 4 hours.
  17. Re: The Gallery pres.. Markus Schulz (4hr) 12th June

    i travelled all the way from blackpool to realise that it was only a 2 hour set.
    just wondering if anybody knows why it was only 2 hours? all be it an excellent 2 hours.
  18. Thread: Track ID

    by jonesy89

    Track ID

    hey chaps just wondering if anybody could give me the name for track 14 Markus @ Illusion Lier Belgium 19/5/2007 been after it for a good while now, thanx!
  19. Re: Mike Foyle Presents Statica - Bittersweet Nightshade (Remix)

    Awsome track, heard it live at the gallery ministry of sound last friday,
    my fave tune atm! :D
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