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    Re: Electronic Elements

    Thanks a bunch Darren. Exactly what I was looking for. :)[/quote]

    While it was a comprehensive reply he didn't really add anything :?:

    I don't get why you would be so gracious to Darren and...
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    Re: Electronic Elements

    Yep they're definitely EE tracks but with a strong nod to Markus & Coldharbour.

    Obviously tracks like 'Blueberry' will always be associated with Coldharbour.

    It's sad how far downhill EE has...
  3. Re: [COLD029] Mario Hammer - Life Before the Earthquake E.P.

    'Kamikaze Babe' is probably the best thing released on the label (either Red or Coldharbour) this year (imo).

    Nice to have one of the veteran guys back on board
  4. Re: 10-06-2011 - Ministry Of Sound, London (SOLO SET)

    "Tears of joy"


    I'm all for enjoying tracks and losing it a little bit but really? You cried?
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    Re: Sleepwalkers: The Official Video

    I have kept my powder dry on this & certainly don't want to seem like I'm hating for no reason.

    Aside from everything else (and I appreciate that context is pivotal to understanding anything) I...
  6. Re: [COLD024] Markus Schulz presents Dakota - Sinners

    I've been quiet on these forums a lot lately (massive change in direction for me which doesn't really align with Coldharbour and how it's changed) but I have to say that this is magnificent.

  7. Re: 27-08-2010 - Ministry Of Sound, London(3 Hour Set)

    No mate, unfortunately it's something much worse :(

    I don't go in for the whole 'sell me x amount to play' gigs
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    Re: [COLD023] Rex Mundi - Techanza

    I was thinking this. I guess it's to ensure that Coldharbour 100 came out at the specific time that they wanted though
  9. Re: 27-08-2010 - Ministry Of Sound, London(3 Hour Set)


    Unfortunately I regret to inform everyone that I will not be playing this event.

    I have had to withdraw for reasons I would much rather not go into, this is not a decision I have...
  10. Re: 27-08-2010 - Ministry Of Sound, London(3 Hour Set)

    Still got a few tickets of my quota left if anyone wants one :)
  11. Re: 27-08-2010 - Ministry Of Sound, London(3 Hour Set)

    I now have an allocation of tickets for this event. PM me if you're coming & I'll sort out some discounted goodies!
  12. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: Ibiza Summer Sessions (29-07-2010)

    Have been listening intently, fantastic show today
  13. Re: Coldharbour Day 2010 on (28-07-2010)

    Some stunning sets this year, fantastic stuff :)
  14. Re: 27-08-2010 - Ministry Of Sound, London(3 Hour Set)

    What do you mean more than a clubber lol!!! :D[/quote]

    I'll be DJing aswell on the night, well 95% certain of that.

    If it all gets the go ahead then I may be able to sort out some discount...
  15. Re: [CLHR100] Markus Schulz presents: Coldharbour 100

    Would be great to have a new remix of Love Machine 'Poison' & Tadi & NV 'Indian Hashish'
  16. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: World Tour - London (01-07-2010)

    'Hello Strings' & 'Eighties' in the same set, yes please!

    Two absolute all timers for me! Missed the show due to work but will definitely be checking this out this weekend, tracklist looks...
  17. Re: 27-08-2010 - Ministry Of Sound, London(3 Hour Set)

    I'm 95% sure that I will be in attendance, maybe as more than just a clubber ;)
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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast (18-02-2010)

    Always prefer the two hour sets & this one was another beauty
  19. Re: GDJB Classics Showcase 2009 - Your Suggestions Wanted!

    Luzon 'That Bagiuo Track'
    Bedrock 'Emerald'
    Origine 'Sanctuary' (Ivan Gough Remix)
    Perry O'Neil 'South West Saga' (DJ Tarkan & V-Sag Remix)
    Bakke & Ljungqvist 'Fanatic'
    Tadi & NV 'Indian...
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    Re: [COLD016] Dakota - Sin City

    Have been hammering the original since the album release but the Rex Mundi remix is possibly even better
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    Re: [CLHR075] Markus Schulz - Do You Dream

    Prefer the original version to the Uplifiting mix, but both are very good
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    Re: Coldharbour Day - Tuesday July 28th 2009

    Last year's event was pretty cool & the lineup for this looks to be spot on, really excited to check out plenty of the artists featured. Nice to see Mr Grube on there to finish things off too ;)
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    Re: [CLHR068] Tenishia - Everything

    Tim's dub mix is definately the winner, outstanding :D
  24. Re: [CLHR063] Tritonal feat. Cristina Soto - Daybreak

    The bassline in the Original mix is fantastic
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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast (12-02-2009)

    The two hour studio sets are always excellent, hopefully there will be some new stuff in the show aswell
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