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  1. Re: Markus Schulz @ Bal en Blanc 17th - Montreal April 24th

    Yeah I know, but we want it a World Tour on GDJB :)

    p.s. Happy 18th Birthday Markus!! lol Wish you all the best.
  2. Markus Schulz @ Bal en Blanc 17th - Montreal April 24th

    Markus Schulz is confirmed to play at the massive "Bal en Blanc" event in Montreal, Canada, Sunday April 24th (Easter Weekend).
    This is a 15hours rave (9pm-12pm), last year Markus came on from...
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    Re: Who's seen Markus the most?

    Stereo, Monreal November 2006
    Stereo, Montreal April 2006
    Guvernment, Toronto September 2007
    Resolution Bell Centre, Montreal December 2007
    Guvernment, Toronto, February 2008
    Redlite, Montreal,...
  4. Re: Coldharbour Day 2010 on (28-07-2010)

    04- ID is : Poison Pro - Love & Peace (Original Mix)

  5. Sticky: Re: Official New Users Thread !! Introduce yourself...

    My name is Omar, I am 23, I am origianlly from Egypt, but I cuurently live in Montreal, Canada..

    I am a local DJ from Montreal and have played with many big names like Wippenberg, Gareth Emery,...
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    Re: Happy Birthday Markus, 18 again =)

    Happy Birthday Markus!! May 2010 be another massive year for you!!

    You are my all time favourite!!

    Omar, Montreal, Canada.
  7. Markus Schulz @ Bal en Blanc 16 in Montreal April 4th 2010!!

    Finally Markus is confirmed to play for the second time @ the massive Bal en Blanc Event in Montreal Canada April 4th, 2010!! He killed it last year and he was the highlight of the night for me!!
  8. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: World Tour - St. Petersburg (06-08-2009

    wowwwww what a set!!!
    Markus new big room remix of Fly to Colors is insane!!

    I cant wait to see him in Montreal in 2 weeks, I think I will also drive to Toronto to see his 6 hours set!!
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    Re: Markus Schulz - Do You Dream?

    what a great track! great mkelody, very nice track, I see Markus playing it in the middle of his set! chooooon!
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    Re: Anyone Going to Bal en Blanc?

    I will be there waiting for Markus!!
  11. Re: Markus Schulz wins Best American DJ @ 2009 WMC IDMA Awards!

    congrats Markus! u deserve it! u are the best DJ in the world at the moment! keep it up and I can't wait to see you in Montreal in a couple of weeks!!
    much love!!
  12. Re: VIDS Markus Schulz at The Guvernement 21-03-09 (Toronto 09)

    OMG!! I was there and this was the best set I have ever heard from Markus in the past 3 years!! what a set! I am from Montreal and the first time I heard Markus was in Stereo back in 11/2006 and he...
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