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  1. Re: Markus Schulz Live From ASOT 500: Buenos Aires (02-04-20

    Best set ever herd this year so dark and deep!! Your ah crazy kunt Schulz :)
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    Re: Schulzy Back to Melbourne :)

    His gota come man his peeking ATM listening to Asot set full kills his dropping the deep shit :) Gota see him ASAP
  3. Re: Live Now! - Markus Schulz at ASOT 500: Buenos Aires

    This is fucked!! Hurts me listening his lost the plot :)
    Hurry up and come Melb you gota!!! Can't do this to me lol
  4. Re: Live Now! - Markus Schulz at ASOT 500: Buenos Aires

    Proper Deep :)
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    Schulzy Back to Melbourne :)

    After listening to todays 5hour set i couldnt take listening to it at home and not thinking about Markus coming back to Melb for a long club gig.. His on fire atm and i think it would be the perfect...
  6. Re: Live Now!! - Markus Schulz Prague '11 Release Party

    Fukn hell that kills remember this from Future Music 09 in Melb!!!

    As you said ImpactPlayaz im on the job haha
  7. Re: Live Now!! - Markus Schulz Prague '11 Release Party

    Shiiiiit Paul Trainer?
  8. Re: Live Now!! - Markus Schulz Prague '11 Release Party

    All you guys in Oz and on the ITM forums need to start showing him love again! :D[/quote]

    I know bloke I know :) Best time to see him now while his on fire... They need to open up QBH again i...
  9. Re: Live Now!! - Markus Schulz Prague '11 Release Party

    Farrrk Schulzyssss loosing it :) Love his mixes unbelivable wish he could come to Melbourne asappppp ::)
  10. Re: Markus Schulz - Prague '11 - coming February 2011

    Fukn Madkunt!!! Best thing ever herd nice and deep storyline love itt :)
    Gota come Melb asap!!!!
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    Re: Staying true to your sound

    Dakota FTW :) Dont think the new kids can handle those basslines haha
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    Re: Space Miami 11 Dec 2010

    Just watched heeps of vids.. And its good to see his going back nice n deep love that style :) Recognized some dakota tracks gota love those basslinee :]]]]
    Hurry up and come back to Melbourne!!!!!
  13. Global DJ Broadcast May 14th 2009 MASSIVE ID??

    Guys been searching for this massive tune for a while now its still an ID can anyone please help me out with this one.. Any info???

    Markus Schulz
    01. Riva - For How Long (Wippenberg Dub Mix)...
  14. Re: MONDAY: Markus Schulz 6+ Hour Solo Set Live From Amnesia

    Cant waittt :) Gona go deep!!!!!
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    Markus Schulz Coldharbour Day ID's

    Loving the first 2 IDs on the Markus's coldharbour day set realy dark and deep does anyone have any information on them??

    Markus Schulz
    01. ID <<<<????
    02. ID <<<<????
    03. Way Out West -...
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    Re: New Dakota is coming.

    WoW thats fukn mass!!! :) Cant wait for those deep dark basslines
    Keep em coming mate ;)
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    Markus Schulz Email?

    Hey guys i really want to email Markus jst before he comes down to Australia in Melb0urne :) And i jst want to know the best way to email him? Wat would b the bst option Myspace,Facebook etc??
  18. Re: Album Done!! Time for some New Dakota? :)

    Haha yehh i know it might sound abit to soon but i jst cant help it i love that dark bassline sound man pure bangers :) .. Gets me moving!! Haha
  19. Album Done!! Time for some New Dakota? :)

    Cant wait to here the new album to see what markus has done with it.. But now that it is complete i think it would be cool to also see the return of Dakota for some fresh new deep dark basslines :).....
  20. Re: Markus Schulz returns to Australia in 2010

    Unbelivable news man i freaked out when i herd that Markus is coming back and for all events WinterSound in Melbourne which is massive :) Cant wait to see him back its been a long wait..
  21. Re: Markus Schulz @ Transmission Ancient Mysteries in Prague

    Hey does anyone have a tracklist of Markus set? Really wana know how he went
  22. Re: Intuition,Coldharbour & Garuda at ADE 2009

    Did markus set get recorded? If so does anyone have a link plz
  23. Re: [Vids] Markus Schulz @ Ministry of Sound, October 10th 2009

    Nice vids man watched all of em :) Wish i couldv been there.. Also very intrested in those ID's haha
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    Re: Hydro Poison - Titanium

    Yee im also very intrested in this tune aswell.. Any info??
  25. Re: Markus Schulz +7hr Live Set From Amnesia (21-09-2009)

    gonna have to find out some of those ID's :)
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