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  1. This is everything I wanted to say, but couldnt...

    This is everything I wanted to say, but couldnt find the proper words to say it in. Thank you Eric...kuddos to you for typing what has been in all of our minds.
  2. Shikodachi was his first mix comp released under...

    Shikodachi was his first mix comp released under Safari Media and their old Plastik Records label. Kamadachi was simply a "promo" mix comp that he made. Have both and yes their dope! Its easier to...
  3. doubt these will be played, but gonna give it a...

    doubt these will be played, but gonna give it a go....

    1. Sasha - Belfunk

    2. PQM - Flying Song (Markus Schulz Renaissance remix)

    3. Oliver Lieb - Subraumstimulation (Push remix)
  4. Poll: caress 2 impress, in dreams wif betty, outsider,...

    caress 2 impress, in dreams wif betty, outsider, perception in the red light, shade of blue, macula, bromance (too-CAN-daY-oh rework), Alpha State (Foyle remix), Second Chapter
  5. Poll: Sorry 5 was not enough, I voted for 10 lol

    Sorry 5 was not enough, I voted for 10 lol
  6. Re: Markus Schulz's Edge Factor Now On YouTube

    How about i add my collection to this! 7 pages worth of old Edgefactor shows available for download. I really miss the Edgefactor. Hope you all enjoy!
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    Re: Los Angeles '12 ???

    No Pagent Heather! Just have Markus select Phoenix as the next city compilation and all will be good! lol :D
  8. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: Live from Space in Ibiza (21-07-201

    Pretty cool of Markus to do this on such a short notice. Looking forward to this set and Im sure it was madness there last night!
  9. Re: Sunrise Set 2011 - Your Requests Wanted

    Ok, Im hoping these make the cut...... This and Global DJ Classics Showcase is what I look forward too.

    1. Markus Schulz - Red eye to Miami

    2. Markus Schulz feat Airwave - Ballymena (Orig mix)...
  10. Re: Markus Schulz presents Dakota - Thoughts Become Things I

    Nice review and Hey thats my shirt! :D
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    Re: Favorite Transition?

    The possibilities are endless here, Markus mixing is really flawless, his beat matching skill along with mixing are 2nd to none. He's always had this, IMO i think his beatmatching and mixing between...
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    Re: America's Best DJ 2011 , Vote NOW

  13. Re: Markus Schulz presents Dakota - Thoughts Become Things I

    Im actually happy that its going to be a mixed CD, I hate it when im really grooving to a track and then poof it just stops and you lose that feeling you had when listening to the song! To me the...
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    Re: Markus Schulz pres. Dakota - Katowice

    I cant believe this track was finally ID'd!!!!!!!!!!! This song is serious business! this is ID#18 from Green Valley WT episode! I said it was a Dakota track! woot woot! Cant wait for the new Dakota...
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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast (19-05-2011)

    My favorite day of the week! cant wait! Looking forward to 2hr set from Markoose!
  16. Re: All Dakota Episode for release of Thoughts Become Things

    U haz my vote knee grow! Rice and Beans FTW! ;-)
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    Re: How not to program a set.

    What an immature comment to make, you're blaming the "Trancefamily" for what DJ's play in there sets? Have you ever heard the saying, "Different strokes, for different folks" I mean If you dont like...
  18. Re: New Markus Mix CD

    This is good news people! Anyone who's followed Markus long enough knows he isnt going to mix a commerical track compiled compilation! #pleasebelieveit ;-)
  19. Re: Markus Schulz - Do You Dream: The Remixes Album

    List of remixes has me really excited! Surprised Rex Mundi wasn't on the list, cannot wait for it to come out! ;-)
  20. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: World Tour - Camboriu (03-02-2011)

    Very nice Darren! I will def be checking out your set before GDJB! Cant wait!
  21. Re: [CLHR112] Rex Mundi - Valley of Dreams E.P.

    Wow! this is gonna sell like hot cakes thats for sure! 3 dope tracks!

    Also, cant wait for the Guestmix from Sex Mundi next month!
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    Re: Markus letting loose..

    nice to see energy showing while he spins. really gets the crowd going! =)
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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast (13-01-2011)

    Should be a good one today. CG as a guestmix and Markus on the decks #EPIC!
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    Re: Markus Schulz & Tucandeo @ Lush!

    Man I would so luv to go to this! to be able to see Tucandeo and Markus together live would be epic!
  25. Re: Markus incorporating Jochen Miller songs?

    Lets not forget Markus also played, Jochen Millers-Humanoid to open up his set at @Queensday Amsterdam 2010 this past year.

    He also played Jochen Miller...
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