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  1. Thread: What Happened

    by IJnte

    Re: What Happened

    I cannot wait for it :D :D

    I really like the pure Markus Schulz sound. That the decided to use more vocal tracks in his sets is no big deal for me. I think it's adding just that extra bit of...
  2. Re: Markus Schulz - "Do You Dream?" Album Announcement

    After listening the GDJB episode of last thursday about 10 times, I really like Surreal (featuring Ana Criado) and the Do You Dream track. After that the "Lifted" track makes a lot of emotions flow...
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    Sticky: Re: Official New Users Thread !! Introduce yourself...

    Hello Markus Schulz fans,

    My name is IJnte and I live in the Netherlands. I've been listening to dance/trance music for about 10 years now. Back in the time I really liked the Tiƫsto/Corsten...
  4. Re: Markus Schulz - "Do You Dream?" Album Announcement

    Just pre-orderd the Album! I got goosebumps when I re-listened the GDJB show of yesterday. Again, what an amazing album. It was worth it to wait for this 1.5 year!
  5. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: Do You Dream Special (27-05-2010)

    Markus, you really did a great job!! The songs are very melodic.. amazing!! Really love this sound :mrgreen:

    Massive shoutout to Markus Schulzzz!!!
  6. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: World Tour - New York City (13-05-2

    Really an Amazing World Tour edtion!! Can't wait for you're album to be released!
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