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  1. Re: Cass & Slide - Perception (ID Remix)-Markus Remix?

    It'a also on my top favourite tunes.

    amazing vocal that will always touch my soul
  2. Re: Markus Schulz @ Haoman Israel (Tel Aviv & Jerusalem)

    im not a fan of this remix at all but was cool at least to enjoy the melody on the part when it's only the melody without the durand's elements ruining it from inside.
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    Re: Markus Schulz on Blogspot

    am i the only one who don't really get to understand the real idea of a blog?
  4. Re: Markus Schulz @ Haoman Israel (Tel Aviv & Jerusalem)

    so i was to the tel aviv party
    arrived there straight from work.

    was awesome to hear Roland Klinkenberg's "Monday Groove" again after a long time
    amazing tune!

    also i remember markus played...
  5. Hey Guys! I'm Back (I was a member of the back then)

    hey there guys
    i bet some of you remeber me... i still remember some of you like tigerclaw, darren (impactplayaz) and some other members

    Markus schulz is coming back to Israel after 2.5 years and...
  6. Markus Schulz @ Haoman Israel (Tel Aviv & Jerusalem)

    wow!!! some old members of the markus might sure remember me...
    i've been quite away of trance music but when i heard markus is back to israel emotions floated me again (i was listening...
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