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  1. wtf? offline?

    wtf? offline?
  2. Perception 0_o what does that mean?

    Perception 0_o what does that mean?
  3. Hope it'll be Kiev) Waiting for announcement sooo...

    Hope it'll be Kiev) Waiting for announcement sooo much)
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    Poll: Re: Single or EP?

    I prefer EP's cause u have more different tracks) As we can see CLHR is not so fast in releasing tracks, so it'll be better to have more tracks in one release
  5. Re: All Dakota Episode for release of Thoughts Become Things

    18. Watercool
  6. Re: Live Monday - Markus Schulz at Bal en Blanc 17 in Montre

    UR was not the first track.First one was Not Going Home vs smth in mashup
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    Re: Markus Interviews for Dutch press

    Oh,great! Will be waiting for translation ;)
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    Re: Markus Schulz Interview @ SLAM!FM

    R u recording? Can't tune in but i'd like to hear it! Be very thankful if u upload it later
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    Re: [CLHR111] Mr. Pit - Stamina / Overload

    Any news already? :)[/quote]

    Yeah, little bit of news that I'll put up for you guys when I do the writeups for Armada. Sorry I'm running a little behind, have to do the IDMA promotion...
  10. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: World Tour - Kiev (04-11-2010)

    That's for sure) Just will compare my TL, to official)) Was out for 2 tracks and couldn't ID some tracks
  11. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: World Tour - Kiev (04-11-2010)

    Yeeap,that was so

    Just PMed u some galleries
  12. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: World Tour - Kiev (04-11-2010)

    Great day today!
    Don't know why Markus posted that pictures, the are from December festival.That one was not Boombox, here are some real photos of that great night...
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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast (21-10-2010)

    Of course will be Online, and waiting for saturday - GDJB recording.Been waiting for that sooo long
  14. 23-10-2010 Markus Schulz in Kiev, Ukraine

    Who is going to visit?Markus confirmed that it will me next GDJB World Tour Recording :shock: That will be awesome
  15. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: Ibiza Summer Sessions (02-09-2010)

    Waiting for ONLINE! Listened only Offline for some weeks, but now i'm ready! Hope Markus will be in chat today.So many questions to ask! Wanna ask about solo set in amnesia.Wanna hear it online.And...
  16. Re: Markus Schulz - "Do You Dream?" Album Announcement

    CaN'T wait this f*ckin 30 minutes :shock: :shock: Wanna see all the details
    Markus is also excited
    "tick tick tick.... 30 minutes left until #doyoudream :) // about a minute ago" @Twitter
  17. Re: Markus Schulz Live From Mayday in Dortmund (30-04-2010)

    Anyone can give a link to Markus set? Cause i found only 1 hour set...was really confused=( Wanna hear all 90 minutes set.Please give a link :roll:
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