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  1. Re: All Dakota Episode for release of Thoughts Become Things

    Count me in!
  2. Re: Live Monday - Markus Schulz at Bal en Blanc 17 in Montre

    FML!!! I had vip tickets for the event, but my flight to Montreal has been canceled here in New York!!! :cry: :evil:
  3. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: Ibiza Summer Sessions (24-06-2010)

    Nice bassline!
  4. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: Ibiza Summer Sessions (17-06-2010)

    wow, great Sander van Doorn track!
  5. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: Ibiza Summer Sessions (17-06-2010)

    best Max Graham track yet!
  6. Re: Markus Schulz @ Red-Lite in Montreal 7-2-2010

    I attended Markus' gigs before at Red-Lite and they were super great. He played some exclusive tunes that destroyed the place. :o

    I strongly suggest you spend a night a Stereo too which is...
  7. Re: Markus Schulz should get his own Video Game

    If anything, Markus should play video games :D
    It would be cool to play with/against him online 8-)
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    Re: Mike Foyle Presents Statica - Sundown

    pffffft... amazing track from Mike Foyle once again.
    BTW when in Buff Monkey getting released?
  9. Re: Markus Schulz Live From Bal en Blanc 2010 (05-04-2010)

    Just came back from Bal en Blanc..
    Markus' set was HUUUUGE!
    And I finally got my "Coldharbour Recordings" T-Shirt signed! 8-)
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    Re: Happy Birthday Markus, 18 again =)

    Happy Birthday Markus!
    I'm so happy you have been confirmed for this year's Bal en Blanc!
  11. Re: GDJB Classics Showcase 2009 - Your Suggestions Wanted!

    Without a doubt:
    Chance Jumpers - Korona (Markus Schulz Remix)
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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast (26-11-2009)

    sounds interesting!
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    Re: Markus Schulz @ Rain Nov 21 Song ID's

    The second link is Arnej - There Are No Coincidences
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    Re: DJ Mag results...

    this poll is useful to determine the level of retardness of the majority of people voting...
    How on EARTH can Guetta be #3 ????!!!??
    And what is Tiesto still doing in the top 150??

    Markus should...
  15. Re: Ferry Corsten - Brain Box (Markus Schulz Remix)

    I just got a listen to the track.
    It's massive!
  16. Re: Markus Schulz Solo - Extended Set Live From Ibiza on

    Please someone record the full 7 hours!
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    Re: Dakota - Koolhaus

    me too, great tune.
  18. Re: Dakota-Johnny the Fox (barnes and heathcliffe remix)

    Yes, for the past 2 months! :D
  19. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: Ibiza Summer Sessions (16-07-2009)

    Markus' new track! Can't wait!!
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    Re: New Markus Schulz Interview from VJ Oana

    wow... both his name and family name are wrongly written... heh
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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast (28-05-2009)

    very old tune.... 2007!
  22. Re: Dash Berlin - Man on the run (Nic Chagall Remix)

    It will be on the A State Of Trance 2009 mix album coming out this Monday.
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    Re: Rex Mundi - Nothing at All

    I just realized that the instrumental mix of this song is the same as Rex Mundi - The Wish, that Markus played in the essential mix, just the vocals has been changed...
  24. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: World Tour - Wroclaw (07-05-2009)

    can't wait for the Johnny The Fox premiere!!!!!
  25. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: World Tour - Wroclaw (07-05-2009)

    No... but it's almost the same bassline! Definitely related to Barnes and Heatcliff..
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