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  1. Re: Markus Schulz - Do You Dream: The World Tour Dcoumentary

    amazing news!!!! finaly ...what about Blu-Ray? or only DVD? would like to hear 7channel sound and feel atmosphere!
  2. Re: Live Saturday - Markus Schulz at ASOT 500: Den Bosch

    50 hours of music tonight.... will download all sets and listen them whole next week!
    can't wait Markus' set, hope will be some classic tracks and no Pollinator ;)
  3. Re: [COLD025] David Barnes - Noodler / Charlie the Fisher

    Charlie the Fisher - awesome tune!!!!
  4. Re: The Makings Of Markus Schulz & Jochen Miller - Rotunda

    Great men are working...
    so less time to recognize something in the samples, but I think it's a future BOMB!

    thanks for a video!
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    Re: Markus Schulz & Jochen Miller new track???

    i think so too, cose he wrote about it in blog as far as I remember.
    regarding the Miller news it's awesome!!! I always like his music especially "Brace yourself"
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    Re: 25 March 2011 Space Miami !!!!!!!

    congratulation guys who are being @ this venue!!!! waiting for tracklist and some movies))) Does anybody know will it be broadcasted somewhere?
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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast (24-03-2011)

    Quite fitting really as my gf just got her 'do you dream?' tattoo done today. Believe me it rocks!! I think Markus would be very proud of her :lol:

    Will be tuned in!![/quote]

    wow!!! which part...
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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast (24-03-2011)

    2 hours of Markus is always awesome!!!!!!!
  9. Re: Markus Schulz ft. Sir Adrian - Away (Artento Divini remi

    absolutely amazing remix!
    that was good set from Artento!!!! many times on repeat
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    Re: What are you playing now? :)

    really good mashup man!!!!!!!! This is my favourite tune from Tiesto!
  11. Re: Marc Vision - Time Gate (Arnej Minimal Drum Dub)

    oh my god!!!! I can't believe in that....super news!!!!!!!!can't wait
  12. Re: Markus Live at Expo Centre, Moscow (07-03-2011)

    ok man!
    is that blond girl Markus's wife or daughter?)))))
  13. Re: Moscow 7 April

    thanks man for review and tracklist.
    can you upload your stuff to somewhere and share the link?

    thanks in advance
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    Re: Prague '11 - The Full Versions Volume 1

    can't wait!!!! will be good to have all tracks unmixed. asap)))
  15. Re: [COLD025] David Barnes - Noodler / B-Side TBA

    Nice to see such a good news!
    Better late than never.

    can't wait for the further info
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    Re: Markus Interview with Armada News

    nice interview, thanks.
    Looking forward for really long play set @ WMC by Markus.
  17. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: World Tour - Camboriu (03-02-2011)

    hope to hear more new stuff especially from PRAGA'11 compilation/

    can't wait for evening/ saw above about extra hour at AH please post the link for that if possible/

    thanks in advance
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    Re: Happy Birthday Markus!!!!

    All the best for Markus and his family!!! Lots of inspirations for making good stuff music!!!
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    Re: Future Cities - The Official Video

    this is really MEGA VIDEO!!! I like it more than NW ...especially Black&white intro is really great
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    Re: [CLHR112] Rex Mundi - Valley of Dreams E.P.

    wow that's great!!! very interesting the beginning of CLHR's schedule ...lots of huge stuff planning to be released/
  21. Re: [COLD024] Markus Schulz presents Dakota - Sinners

    Check releases like Chinook, Techanza and some other and you can see that releases contain only originals, without remixes by other guys.

    After one year and one month Coldharbour Red lives again!...
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    Re: Fresh ideas for the coldharbour familly.

    really good idea to make this kind topic !!!

    I 100% sure that everybody wants to get Jan Johnston Meets Tenishia-Flesh 2010 (Markus Schulz reconstruction)

    +1 to Rank1 - Breathing.
  23. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: World Tour - San Francisco (06-01-2

    it was something unreal....I've lost my socks during my jumping set in the music
  24. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: World Tour - San Francisco (06-01-2

    Don't like this remix ...more D'n'B in the middle is needed
  25. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: World Tour - Best of 2010 (23-12-20

    Budapest probably
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