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  1. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: Prague '11 Release Special (20-01-2

    this has to be one of my favorite shows in months, absolutely incredible from start to finish, can't wait for "Prague" to hit the shelves !!

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    Re: Markus @ Amnesia 2010

    i echo the previous posters sentiments, you lucky bastards !!!

    hopefully a recording may surface sometime in the not too distant future

  3. Re: Vote for Markus Schulz in DJ Mag Top 100 for 2010

    done & dusted

    seen many, many dj's this year including the biggest "names" in the prog/trance/whatever scene, and the twice that i saw Markus at WMC and then in Atlanta more recently confirmed my...
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    Re: the arches glasgow 07/08/10

    well as a former Glasgae' resident who cut his teeth going to The Arches back in the day, i'm sure our man brought it big stylee.......although i'm just a wee bit partial (lol) The Arches is one of...
  5. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: Sunrise Set (22-07-2010)

    let me preface this post by saying that i'm of similar age to Markus, i too grew up in Europe before emigrating to the States and have been into this music for quite some considerable time

    i have...
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    Re: Markus @ Opera, Atlanta

    been lurking on here for a long time felt it was time to register and post something


    had an awesome time Wednesday night, Markus's opening was f**king epic !!

    great energetic set...
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