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    Re: [CLHR082] Lentos - Forget About Us

    I prefer the original but the remix is also great. One of the many many quality releases from Coldharbour during 2009
  2. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: Las Vegas '10 Special (21-01-2010)

    Great set in generall. Not really excited with the Las Vegas compilation tunes but I'll give them a few more listens.

    I voted for Dyor.... Perfect track!!!
  3. Re: Coldharbour Artist Interviews 01: Barnes & Heatcliff

    Intresting interview. Didn't knew much about these guys... Great idea interviewing CH Artist
  4. Re: GDJB Classics Showcase 2009 - Your Suggestions Wanted!

    Tekara - Breath in You (Tekara's M&M's Dub)
    BT - GodSpeed (Original Mix)
    The Departure - She Turns (Markus Schulz Remix)
    Element Four - Big Brother (Original Mix) or (12in Mix)
    Jam & Spoon -...
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