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  1. @MarkusSchulz... Haters gonna hate. The album is...

    @MarkusSchulz... Haters gonna hate. The album is awesome! I've had Nothing Without Me on replay God only knows how many times. In general, all forums are disconnected with reality, no matter the...
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    Gosh didn't know you did them!!! That's awesome!...

    Gosh didn't know you did them!!! That's awesome! But I guess with your response we can put this discussion to a finish point. Looking forward to see more samples and your work on Van Wyk's album!
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    Harvey did not got ripped off. He just arranged...

    Harvey did not got ripped off. He just arranged various loops contained in a sample pack released by Loopmasters, and added some other stuff (percussion, a minimal kick, pads, etc.) probably created...
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    Re: DJMag Top 100 DJ Poll 2011 - Vote now!

    My votes were:

    1. Markus Schulz
    2. Armin van Buuren
    3. Paul Oakenfold
    4. Above & Beyond
    5. Solarstone

    Oakie have had tremendous year thus far, specially with his new compilation, which is...
  5. Re: Markus Schulz - Prague '11 - coming February 2011

    The tracklist looks incredibly intriguing. No Dakota tracks is a surprise, but it seems that both CDs will be very much club-oriented; a major departure from the 09 and 10 mixes, which included...
  6. Re: Classics Showcase 2010 - Your Requests Please

    1. Sander Kleinenberg - My Lexicon (Full Length Mix)
    2. Love Machine - Poison
    3. Andrew Bennett - Menar (Original Mix)
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