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  1. Re: Classics Showcase 2010 - Your Requests Please

    Departure - She Turns (Markus Schulz Remix) Perfect to start the set with!!!


  2. Re: Markus Schulz @ Future Music Festival, Australia 2009


    It's almost been a week since Markus was in Adelaide for the Future Music Festival.

    I had to gather all my thoughts before I posted on here.

    Although there were many artists at FMF I...
  3. Re: Global DJ Broadcast: Toronto '09 Special (05-03-2009)


    Great episode! Can't wait to see Markus @ Future Music on Monday!!!
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    Re: Markus schulz FMF Australia!

    Seriously Pumped for FMF Adelaide, as the rest, I am so jealous of you Melbournites getting an after party! Hoping after Markus has finished his set I'll be able to get an up close and chat!
  5. Re: Markus Schulz on BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix in December!

    So excited about this MIx. I know Markus will be showcasing an awesome set.

    What is the song in the video posted. Love it, can't seem to find it!

    I've done my bit and put the Video on my...
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