View Full Version : Get CLHR to be a trending topic.

27-11-10, 09:19 PM
Me, Heather, Maria111, Curs3d and Serious Danger have decided to make sure we get #CLHR a trending topic on thursday during GDJB. Who wants to help make Markus Happy?
Just make sure you end your tweets with #CLHR as many times as possible. This might be fun. :D

All the help counts. See you thursday!

27-11-10, 09:24 PM
its not a bad thing for those people who have twitter!we have already doing it every thursday during gdjb and we also add trancefamily (we know the reason) and trancethursday!

i dont have any problem doing it since twitter those days is a very popular way to make something popular famous etc!

But there would be people who would say that this is sort of spamming ofcource :?

I am in anyway :)

27-11-10, 09:25 PM
Anything for Coldharbour. :) If they can't bare the spam, they should unfollow. Simples! i have a feeling Markus will be happier then usual with this.

27-11-10, 09:35 PM
#CLHR, what happened to #CLHRclassics ?

I doubt it will work, you'll need a lot of people for this... #asot450 became a trending topic only for 5 min. during the beginning of the show.

27-11-10, 10:05 PM
i know... i think #clhr would be good cuz people wont be as lazy by typing the whole #clhrclassics. we have a uphill task. Can we at least try XD

27-11-10, 11:56 PM
we can try the already one we use #gdjb and we can make Marus tweet about it too an dpeople to RT

28-11-10, 12:42 AM
Yes please. :D
i think he'll be happy with it XD

28-11-10, 01:52 AM
Ahhhh, this is a twitter thing?

28-11-10, 03:13 AM
yes, indeed...you aren't on twitter, Jim?

28-11-10, 03:24 AM
Yes its a twitter thing. All help counts! please spread the word. There's more and more people saying its impossible. ASOT 450 was hard, i think we can achieve CLHR. We really need to make this happen! :X

Especially with what Markus has given us this year!

28-11-10, 12:20 PM
I want to be in, but I don't have twitter. :( Hope you guys will successfull with it.

28-11-10, 01:41 PM
Count me in :P

28-11-10, 04:11 PM
Nope, not a twitter person.

Serious Danger
29-11-10, 05:14 AM
i know... i think #clhr would be good cuz people wont be as lazy by typing the whole #clhrclassics. we have a uphill task. Can we at least try XD

We can and will make it happen RD! ;-)

29-11-10, 03:12 PM
im in but how are you going to reach all the fans so they know?

no one will guess what that is, honestly, so no one will conveniently be putting that hastag on the tweets just out of coincidence

facebook maybe???

im all in for helping spread the word too, but we gotta do it now or this will go nowhere :(

for those of you without twitter but who DO have FB: set your status, post on walls, ect :) you can still take part!!


29-11-10, 06:27 PM
Armada supported #CLHR !


29-11-10, 10:35 PM

29-11-10, 10:38 PM
Woot yes. For people without twitter account, all the help counts! WE NEED AS MANY PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT THIS AS POSSIBLE. All your tweets starting as soon as possible should end with CLHR. Also facebook/myspace everything helps. Someone needs to tell Markus that we are planning this XD I bet if he say's people will join.

30-11-10, 10:44 AM
this is a very good move to be honest!Armada twitter as we know is very POPULAR and this is something way too much good!I wonder who told them! :) :)

30-11-10, 05:16 PM
if anyone from here did, thank you. If not, I bet it was Heather? X: