View Full Version : Sia - Buttons (Markus Schulz Return To Coldharbour Remix)

10-10-08, 07:08 PM

Amazing job on this track ! Respect : Mr Schulz = N°1 Producer, Remixer and DJ !
I hadn't heard the original version from SIA 'til today, I must say Markus did an excellent job and this remix is just INCREDIBLE !

So here is my point : Markus must be sick lately to produce such great tracks !

KEEP THEM COMING now that you're back to Colharbour...


10-10-08, 07:36 PM
This is simply a stunning track

12-10-08, 11:52 AM
Dub is beautiful, but vocal version.. don`t like it.

Any release info?

12-10-08, 05:45 PM
I must say I get bored of dub version as Markus has been playing it since May. But... the vocal version? Have no words... Im totally crazy about it ! :)

12-10-08, 06:27 PM
I simply love the dub version of this track. It would be nice to hear it next weekend in Budapest (http://www.budapesttrancecentral.hu). ;) :P

26-10-08, 01:51 AM
Dub version of this is stunning. Markus is on fire at the minute!

12-11-08, 01:05 PM
It's out on Beatport!!!!

12-11-08, 04:33 PM
Yup, only downside is it's lumped in with Chris Lake's remix (terrible, my ears hurt :()

13-11-08, 03:12 PM
Is it still only out as part of the (territory restricted) Ultra release?