View Full Version : Looking to meet up with other members

Yeah Rick
21-08-10, 04:55 AM
Hey I was wondering if there are any members on the forum that live in or near Western NY, or just NY in general or Ontario, Canada that are looking to get together? Maybe talk some music, see a show, hang out, whatever!

I'm really having a hard time trying to find people who are as passionate about this type of music as we all are...

Send me a PM


21-08-10, 09:22 AM
A shame you don't live in Atlanta. Me and my friends were just talking about how it's crazy how there are so many of us who love this kind of music back in like May.

21-08-10, 10:21 PM
I love this music and I'm in toronto... if you're in town sometime let me know and we'll exchange some music, attend concerts etc.

Yeah Rick
22-08-10, 02:44 AM
Paolino - Sounds good. I was actually just in Toronto. I spent the weekend attending the Honda Indy Race. Really good time, but I was too tired and didn't go clubbing that weekend. haha. although I do generally go to TO about twice a year...