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09-04-10, 02:25 PM
Skytech - Comet / Asteroid

Release Label: Coldharbour Recordings
Release Code: CLHR089
Release Date: March 15th 2010


Comet (Original Mix)
Comet (The Space Rockerz Remix)
Comet (Sonic Division vs. Skytech Remix)

The brothers in blood and music hit in with some new notes. Polish producers Julian and Mateusz Dziewulski manage to capture the big room feeling - time after time, track after track. First it was their 'Cardboard Box', followed by its b-side 'Neon Warrior', then 'Moonlit' and 'Solitude' that rocked the crowd to pieces. Producing together since 2003, it's safe to say these guys are well on their way of touching the sky. If it's not their fingertips touching, then it's their sounds, that - played out loud- reach for the highest heights of dancefloor mania.

The new Skytech EP aligns with the stars, hitting in at full effect with its ever-withering big room sound. 'Asteroid' is tough but melodic, playful but serious and ,sure as shooting, danceable. 'Comet', already featured on Markus Schulz' 'Las Vegas '10' compilation, finds its strength in sturdy techno-bits, deep progressive sways and an unexpected break.

'Comet' received a more trancy approach by another Polish producer duo, Sonic Division, who joined a little battle in the 'Sonic Division & Skytech Remix'. Distorted electro and deep and layered trance find their glory on the Space Rockerz remix, from the hands of US producers Michael Calderone and Austin Hall.

Available to buy digitally from Beatport by Clicking Here (https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/229995/Comet%20/%20Asteroid)

Comet (Original Mix)


Comet (The Space Rockerz Remix)


Comet (Sonic Division vs. Skytech Remix)


Asteroid (Original Mix)


For more info, Click Here (http://www.armadamusic.com/music/?release=CLHR089)

10-04-10, 08:07 PM
The Original Mix on the EP sounds different than the version played by Markus Schulz and Armin van Buuren. Could anyone explain? :D