View Full Version : Older GDJB World Tour Sets

11-03-10, 12:36 AM
Hello everybody,

I am fairly new to GDJB and I am completely delighted about the World Tour Sets in the first week of each month. Now my question is if anybody knows how to get ones hand on older sets (with split tracks if possible)? I could not find any sets older than November 2009 (Live in Medellin) except the St. Petersburg one from August but only because it was rebroadcasted on Christmas as the best of 2009.

I would highly appreciate if somebody could help me out and maybe upload or seed a few sets.


11-03-10, 03:14 AM
i don't know the rules on sets here since i'm not an uber active member but i haven't seen sets posted and even if they were putting up a set with the tracks split is a big no no. not cool, if you like a track support the producer and buy it.

11-03-10, 05:41 PM
you should contact ImpactPlayaz it is not allowed this so better contact him ;)