View Full Version : Markus Schulz's Music Featured on Xbox Live Arcade Game

30-01-10, 06:28 AM
Chime is a new game coming out on Xbox Live arcade features music from Markus Schulz as well as other artist, Its a Music/Puzzle game.

The game will be released on Xbox Live Arcade on February 3rd. Check it out.


Armada has a article about Markus Schulz in the game.
http://www4.armadamusic.com/news/2010/0 ... ame-chime/ (http://www4.armadamusic.com/news/2010/02/markus-schulz-part-of-charitys-music-block-game-chime/)

30-01-10, 02:39 PM
:lol: Great!

31-01-10, 11:40 PM
ohhh yay! do you know what songs?

01-02-10, 05:54 PM
Armada posted an article about Markus Schulz being in the game, Look in the first post.

01-02-10, 06:59 PM
Spilled Cranberries off the Progression album. Very nice of Markus to donate the work Pro-Bono, looks like an interesting game!