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Markus Schulz Interview with The Gallery - January 2010

Ahead of the first night of his residency with The Gallery at the world famous Ministry of Sound in London for 2010, Markus Schulz shares his thoughts on the past 12 months and looks ahead to what he has in store for the year ahead. Check out his interview below:

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Hi Markus… Have you had a nice Christmas and New Year?

Markus: Yeah, it was excellent… Very busy indeed though; easily as much work as there was anything else! I played Bulgaria and The Ukraine in the run up to the holidays and then a couple of dates in Canada (Edmonton and Calgary) immediately after Christmas. I saw the sun come up for the first time on 2010 in Los Angeles, where I was playing the final set at Together As One. I was there with Guetta, Digweed, Schossow and a couple of local LA DJs – it rocked! I last played it in 2005 and, as an event, let’s just say it’s not lost a fraction of its edge!

Musically, how was 2009 for you?

Markus: I think it was a great year and another where we saw so many new and upcoming talents coming through and making an impression. For me personally, I will look back on 2009 as the year I brought back my darker and moodier production moniker, Dakota. At the end of 2008 I felt very inspired and wanted to have some fun in the studio, with the aim of producing tracks that were specifically aimed for the clubs. But I was surprised and so appreciative of how my fans embraced the Dakota work, and many of them became the most requested tracks in my livesets at my Gallery residency. The residency at MOS itself has been amazing, and one of my goals for 2010 is to continue playing longer and extended sets there, which will hopefully build up to a solo night later in the year.

You’re playing at The Gallery Free Members Party. How much do you think our loyal members are a part of what has made the Gallery such a success?

Markus: Immeasurably so... A regular club night rises or falls, solely on people coming out to attend regularly. Every time I play The Gallery I pick out and recognise more and more faces from the crowd that I’ve seen before. I think a Members Free night is a great way to reward them; more clubs should do this - so pats on the back to you guys too!

What can we expect from your set at the party?

Markus: A whole lot of excellent new music! Aside from the tracks I’ve been supporting throughout the Christmas period there has been a last minute rush of some pretty special tunes. Apart from that it’ll be my regulation deeper sound of trance... The Gallery faithful know I’ve never really been into the super, OTT trance style; always the darker, groovier, house-based grooves. Heh, just the Markus Schulz sound, right!

What do you think is going to revolutionise dance music in the next ten years?

Markus: Ah, the future, always so tough to predict… I’m not sure about the next ten years, but for the immediate future I’m going to stick with a big ‘D’ for ‘Digital’. Trance and progressive has led the way with it and I see that all the last few years worth of innovations have been in that area. There so much more scope to it – digital, and the technology that drives it will just advance further and further.

Which three records would you say stood out in the last decade?

1) Cass & Slide - Perception (Vocal Mix) - I'm cheating a little here since the original version came out in 1999, but when it was re-released in 2000 with Naimee Coleman's vocals, it became that special record for me - the one that I wish I had made myself. When I lived in London at the start of the decade, I used to attend The Gallery nights at Turnmills as a clubber on a regular basis, and this track was a huge, huge anthem at the time.

2) Rui da Silva - Touch Me - Probably one of the most important tracks released in this decade, not just because of how big it was in the clubs, but how successful it was commercially too. It's such a simple track with nothing overly complicated, but the vocal is one that gives you goose-bumps. It's perfect to play at sunrise sets and at New Year's Eve parties.

3) Airwave - When Things Go Wrong - He has come up with some of the greatest melodies ever heard in trance, and When Things Go Wrong has always been the one to stand out for me. Just an incredibly emotional track, and I still find myself playing it in my livesets today.

Which three DJs/producers should we keep an eye on in 2010?

I'm really excited about some of the producers we have on board already for their talents to shine on Coldharbour in 2010. Rex Mundi had an amazing 2009, most notably for the release of "Nothing at All". He's got a beautiful instrumental followup called "Opera of Northern Ocean", and I couldn't stop playing it for days when he first sent it to me.

Another talent to keep an eye on is Phynn. I must have played his track "Spacewalk" in every single live set this past summer, and a few months ago, I invited him to work his magic on Mike Foyle's "Deadly Nightshade", and he totally ripped it up. He's a real talent, and having played at Trance Energy twice in the past few years, I'd expect him to gain some momentum on the DJing front also.

And finally, I'm really eager to see how Sied van Riel develops. I've been an admirer of his DJing and productions for a while now, and I think he's definitely capable of putting on some great shows this year. We had a lot of fun together when we played in Asia last May.

Have you set yourself any resolutions for the New Year?

Markus: Man, I’ve got quite a few actually! Specifically though…

- Keeping up to date more often with the blogs. I’m going to make a real conscious effort to deliver two written blogs each month, along with the monthly video edition where I answer your questions. I always look forward to seeing the questions come in, so please keep them coming over at the forums, and I’ll get the video sessions back up and running in January.

- Launching a Podcast. I know you guys have been asking me about this for quite some time now, and it’s definitely a goal of mine to launch a podcast in 2010. Once I get everything sorted out, you guys will be the first to hear about it.

- To deliver the artist album, and to make it something really special and memorable for you guys. Also to try to play more and more solo sets and develop the Markus Schulz live experience even further.

- To avoid injuries playing basketball. Yeah, we’ll see how long that one lasts.

- To not be angry with my dentist after every visit. Ditto.

As we head into a new decade, what can we expect from Markus Schulz?

Markus: I’ve just last week finished putting the finishing touches on my new mix CD Las Vegas ’10 as well as finishing my next artist album that will be out this summer. I’m very excited about both. The mix CD is a reflection of the crazy nights in Vegas! I’ve had some amazing experiences at The Palms over the last 18 months and I think I have captured that in this mix. As far as my new album, I think I have really grown from my last one. I hope you like it.

Where do you see you yourself at the turn of the next decade?

Markus: In a Markus Schulz-shaped bio-pod, controlling everything in my studio simply by moving my little toe in a pre-programmed set of movements! Nah, man I’ve no idea - I wish I did! Let’s go with: doing what I’m doing now, making electronic dance music, playing electronic dance music, except bigger, better, brighter and (hopefully) in an even more innovative way!

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Very nice interview, love the biopod idea - sci fi nerd alert :D

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Thanks for the interview!! :)

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I love interviews with Markus, such a nice and friendly guy! Good interview and waiting for his artist album :)