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09-10-09, 03:29 PM
Release Label: Coldharbour Recordings
Release Code: CLHR080
Release Date: September 29th 2009


Michael Calderone & Christopher Reddick - Sound Of Flight

LA residents Michael Calderone and Christopher Reddick took care of quite a highlight on Markus Schulz' 'Toronto '09' album. Not often does one catch the pure Coldharbour sound, but these guys did. With 'Sound of Flight', Calderone and Reddick come up with an anthem of its own merit, yet more than fit for the Coldharbour label. 'Sound of Flight' takes off with a deep-digging bassline, getting the track in shape for a melodic invasion later. Smooth guitar, solid sweeps of progressive and a big dose of feel-good, that's what make this one stand out.

'Sound of Flight' gets a big room upgrade by fellow Americans Grube & Hovsepian, smoothing the track to an outstanding remix.

1. Sound of Flight (Original Mix)
2. Sound of Flight (Grube & Hovsepian Remix)

You can listen to samples and / or purchase the tracks by https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/194734/michael_calderone_and_christopher_reddick_-_sound_of_flight

09-10-09, 10:22 PM
great track! 8-)

12-11-09, 05:38 PM
Original Mix all the way on this one, one of the most underrated tracks of the year if you ask me. Brillaint!

12-11-09, 05:47 PM
original for me too!!!!!!!!

though i need to listen to the remixes a couple more times...you know...to analyze them hahah