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06-09-08, 12:05 PM
The Gallery / Heat's 7th Birthday - Friday October 17th 2008


Markus Schulz
Marcel Woods
Super8 & Tab
James Grant
Ian Betts
Heat All Stars

Tickets are available to purchase by Clicking Here (http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/user/?region=gb_london&query=detail&event=283422)

18-09-08, 12:29 PM
I have my plane tix booked :) and I can't wait to visit London again! I am soo happy that I will see Markus and Coldharbour family : :D

18-09-08, 01:44 PM
Damn you Gia :P

well have fun and say hello to all from Alexandra :)

06-10-08, 04:13 PM
I have my flights booked and my ticket too. But there's no sign of them yet.. I'm gonna get onto TicketWeb now, don't want to arrive over there and not get in.

Are you heading to this one IP?

07-10-08, 03:48 PM
Got mah ticket this morning! 8-) 8-)

13-10-08, 12:28 AM
oh lawd...I'm in London, Markus is in London! This is probably not one to miss. Who else is going?

15-10-08, 01:08 PM
There's a few of us heading to this one, myself included. Can't wait!

Here's hoping I get to hear Vast Vision presents Ahmose - Drone (M6 Remix) live at MOS *crosses fingers*



Markus Schulz
Marcel Woods
Super 8 & DJ Tab
Ian Betts
Matt von Holtz

Bar: Hosted by Ibizan Heat Allstars
Steve Mac
Ibizan All-Stars
The Wallaci Bros
2 Phunked Up
Danny Gilligan
Jon Kong & Jursif
Joel Dean

Baby Box: Hosted by Friendz
Wynand Delport
DJ Neutrino L.I.V.E & INCHARGE
Trevor McLachlan B2B Brad Thatcher
Charlie Bradley
Ryan Wilkinson
Lady G

Lounge: Hosted by FAQ & DFS
Jonny Haze B2B Jon Kong
Nic55 B2B Phil Noda
Don69 b2b Lahar
Matty Zee Live on sax!

This Friday 17th October The Gallery pairs up with London club kings HeatUK to help celebrate the roaming promoters 7th Birthday in fine style. Formed in 2001 by South West Four promoters Damian Gelle and Antony Marmot, the first ever Heat event infamously took place in their backyard, before going on to change the face of the harder-tinged club nights in the capital forever. Afternoons were never the same again as Heat’s daytime parties were nothing short of legendary! It wasn’t long before Turnmills came knocking and Heat’s daytime raves became notorious across the capital. A monthly night time slot followed at the Farringdon club, before Heat moved around town, selling out many shows at Camden Palace, The Cross, Pacha and KOKO... as well as incredibly selling out Brixton Academy (4,500 capacity) for five New Year’s Eves in a row!!! Amazing stuff.

Joining a typical massive Gallery affair will be the cream of Heat talent both in the Box and also with the Ibizan Heat Allstars taking over the Bar. To lead the celebrations with his usual vigour and par excellence will be Gallery resident and this year’s massive trance sensation Markus Schulz. Ever since launching his residency at The Gallery in May this year Markus has been globetrotting with appearances at the world’s leading events; further cementing his reputation as the next big thing. He was a very welcome guest at our huge Gallery arena at this year’s sell out SW4 festival as well as huge appearances at the likes of Armada at Amnesia in Ibiza alongside World Number 1 Armin van Buuren including several back to back appearances. A US DJ with a difference, Markus’s appeal stretches worldwide whether it be his Global DJ Broadcast radio show that has become one of the most listened to and widely respected, or his impressive and ever consistent Cold Harbour Recordings label which has been responsible for a plethora of dance floor destroyers... Markus has emerged as a popular DJ and musically has toughened his sets slightly of late, leading to mayhem on dancefloors wherever he’s been.

Joining him will be Marcel Woods who continues to be an anthem producing machine. Defining the recent tech trance explosion recent tracks have included ‘On Fire’ and ‘New Feeling’ as well previous bigguns such as ‘Advanced’ and ‘Cherry Blossom’ Sure to bring some big lead lines and massive drops to the proceedings Marcel has been a busy man over the Summer months including many appearances on the White Isle at Judgment Sunday as well as some of the biggest festivals around. Super 8 & DJ Tab get in on the action having become regular and well loved faces here at The Gallery rocking main rooms whether it be alongside fellow label co-horts at Anjunabeats nights or alongside other world class lineups. Regular producers of massive tracks including the recent ‘Suru’ they will provide a perfect hands in the air showcase to take it up a notch. The Box is rounded off by Heat new boy Matt von Holtz on the warm up whilst trance ressie Ian Betts rounds it off in his usual style.

The Bar meanwhile welcomes the Ibizan Heat Allstars with a bevy of usual suspects and DJs from down the years getting into the party spirit. The ringleader on such an occasion is the ever welcome Steve Mac. A regular face at The Gallery down the years Steve is a production machine having penned many of the biggest tunes down the years and collaborating with a bevy of superstars including a very rare production outing from Pete Tong.This Summer Steve has been responsible for one of the biggies in the shape of ‘Paddys Revenge’ – a UK Top 20 hit no less!! Irish tradition meets big room house music to devastating effect there is no way in hell you have not heard this anthem out and about and we are delighted to have Steve making his first Gallery outing in the Bar since our move to the Ministry of Sound. Ibizan Heat delivers the largest single group to visit the beautiful Mediterranean isle of Ibiza all summer long and has done for the last six years! Try going on holiday with 600 like-minded clubbers… this will be one helluva reunion! Rounding off this large affair are the Friendz crew who take over the Baby Box after another one of their legendary sold out boat parties – plus the FAQ gang groove on in the Lounge with those North London hedonists from DFS.

Advance tickets are selling out fast for this Friday’s party, so if you want to buy your ticket then click on the any of above Ticket logos above or the links below. Tickets are priced £12 +booking fee in advance.
http://www.ticketweb.co.uk - 08700 600 100
http://www.clubtickets.com - 0870 246 2050
10.30pm – late
Ministry of Sound, 103 Gaunt Street, London, SE1 6DP
Tube: Elephant & Castle
Contact: 020 7247 4121 // 020 7740 8627 // info@thegallery-club.co.uk

16-10-08, 09:10 AM
Just 1 day left and I will see you @ MOS. I am so excited! :)

16-10-08, 04:51 PM
See you tomorrow!

Rick Valentine
16-10-08, 07:16 PM
See you tomorrow :) :twisted:

17-10-08, 03:22 PM
Hope you guys have an awesome night ;)

Say hi to Markus for me will you :D

17-10-08, 06:41 PM
Hope you guys have an awesome night ;)

Say hi to Markus for me will you :D

Yes.. and for me to please :P have a great party, Rick - don't drink too much :P

18-10-08, 07:50 AM
Good morning from London Stansted airport.

Almost 7:45am and about to hop on to my flight home. A last minute decision to continue the streak of seeing Markus at his MOS residency, and it was totally worth it.

What I have noticed with the past few occasions being there is that the crowd for Markus' gigs at MOS has been steadily growing, which is a really good sign. I love the venue, it has to rank up there as one of the best clubs worldwide. The soundsystem is just made for Markus' unique sound.

Despite only playing a 2 hour set, it was a very enjoyable ride Markus put on. It went by so quickly, which was the only disappointing part really. I don't want to reveal too much of the tracklist that he played, out of respect for the preparations he is making for today's GDJB World Tour recording from Budapest, but there were some moments that really could not be ignored.

The stand out - a brand new remix of The New World, and to be honest, the only justifiable way of describing it is that it was absolutely out of this world!

My personal highlights of the set were:
The new remix of The New World
The remixes of Airwave and Perception - I swear, the sight of seeing the entire mainroom dancefloor uplift in a sea of arms during the breaks was nothing short of breathtaking. It was a real goosebump moment.
Stoneface & Terminal - Blueprint (Club Mix)
Sia - Buttons (Markus Schulz Return To Coldharbour Dub)

I really enjoyed the company of the great people of this forum who were there. To Hayley and her dad, Rick and Lydia, Danny and of course Monika who flew from afar, thank you for making it a wonderful night. But the biggest thanks of all has to go to Markus himself, for spending so much time after his set hanging out, sharing laughs and having good times.

Time to board, so apologies for the short review.

The legacy of the Markus Schulz Ministry of Sound Residency continues. And after his latest performance, it is in a very healthy state indeed.

18-10-08, 10:40 PM
Cool, Hope there are some pictures and video of this event. :)

19-10-08, 01:27 PM
Wow Darren, I'll bet you were tired when you were writing that review :D

It's Sunday now, coming up to 3 hours since Ministry closed up and I'm only just awake after a marathon sleep. I arrived in London about 7pm and went walking around to kill some time. I got something to eat and saw Big Ben and the London Eye and all the other things touristy folks do who've never been to London. I met up with Hayley, her dad Paul and Monika just up the road from The Gallery. We headed in and were hangin around inside when Rick showed up. Shortly after than Alex/xander came over and introduced himself to us all, so there was a bit of a crowd of us when we headed into the box.

I have to say I found the warning signs funny, but when I heard the bass I kinda wished I'd bought some earplugs, it was just sooo powerful - even the hair on my head (the tiny amount) and my clothes were moving, you just couldn't escape it. The first DJ, Matt von Holtz did a great job warming us up and when Markus came on we all moved forward to the stage. Darren had made a last minute trip from Ireland himself so it was great to see him there too.

From the first track to the last I was just loving evey minute of it. From climbin up those steep steps to the Access All Area's gate at the DJ Booth trying to get pictures and videos, to takin videos from the main dance floor during the remix of Airwave, Dyor's Big Room remix of You and the absolutely fantastic remix of The New World, everything was just so great, made better of course by the company and the actual club.

Afterwards a few of us met Markus and he spent about an hour and a half just saying hello, taking a few pictures with us, having a chat with us all and enjoying himself, it was refreshing to see him act normal, the flipside to the coin if you will. I'm terrible with names but I met Kat (I think :? ) who does PR too and one other guy who asked markus to sign his shoe! This is all in between DJ Tab coming in to say hello after their set and Marcel Woods before he went on stage. Darren, Hayley, Paul & Markus then left about 4.15am, Markus had to head to Budapest for the World Tour, Darren to catch a flight home and Hayley & Paul had a long drive. I stayed to listen to Marcel Woods, who did a fantastic job tearing up the dancefloor with some great tunes.

I left about 6am, hardly able to stand with exhaustion. I went to Tower Bridge and walked across it before hoppin on the tube and getting a connection back to Gatwick where I spent a few hours napping before the flight home.

Everything above ----^
Meeting all the nice people from the forums/chat - friendly people & great fans too (put me to shame really :P)
Spending like an hour sitting down, half falling asleep while talkin/listening to Darren & Markus and seeing Tab & Marcel
Spending time in the Box during Marcel Woods' set and grabbin a picture after he was done

Just really my terrible travel plans that left me in London hours too early, and leave london nearly 10 hours too late - I'll know better for next time 8-)
Oh and the smoke in the club from the smoke machines made it ridiculously hard to get a picture of any DJ (including Markus) :lol: :lol:

I've maybe 40 minutes of video, and about 200 pictures. I'll see what's usable and put them up into a photobucket album and on youtube, I'll post them up here when I'm done :)

Rick Valentine
19-10-08, 05:36 PM
Was a great night and was great to see you all, i remember most of it "i think" amazing set markus played with the remix of airwave and a new remix of Without Your Near and some track/remix by tyDi was just afew of the highlights of the set.
Was nice to meet up with the usual victims :) Hayley n pops good to see you again Dan you missed out big time :( Monika gorgeous and as sexy as ever was brilliant seeing you again shame you didnt feel to well the day after, thats what England does to you after a weekend.
Darren knew you would turn up :p cool to see my little leprechaun again, Danny top man nice to meet you and Alex sorry if i scared you with my drunkness :) hahaha
Amazing night though i didnt take any pics erm blame the drink there will be some pics to come though from my mate im sure.


How the fuck did you all get into VIP ? they wouldnt let me in the fuckers :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
So that was the only downer of the night not getting to say goodbye to all of you tooked up in the vip area.

19-10-08, 11:04 PM
Hah Rick, you sure were drinking, but I hear that isn't unusual. I wasn't meant to be VIP (would have suited me just fine, after all I had pre-bought my ticket) but Monika told me I could say I was the other Dan who couldn't make it because he was on the list - Thanks Dan :mrgreen: :mrgreen: . Didn't you get a VIP tag when I saw you outside?

When I went down after Hayley & her dad, and Markus & Darren left you'd gone off, there was only me and Alex left, I was ready for more drinking too, shame on ya but you'd probably had enough :lol: :lol:

There'll be another time though, count on that :D

20-10-08, 11:42 AM
As promised - Vids are below. Some are pretty short, others are whole tunes :D
If you know any of the track ID's or if I got one wrong feel free to let me know :)

Musetta - Red Star (Michael Cassette Remix)


Markus Schulz - The New World [ID Remix]

Offer Nissim feat. Maya - For Your Love [Sied van Riel Remix]

Rank 1 - Airwave [ID Remix]


Armin van Buuren vs Jochen Miller - In and Out of Love vs Lost Connection [Mashup]


Sia - Buttons [Markus Schulz Return to Coldharbour Dub]




Hammer & Herbick feat. Boytronic - You [Dyor's Big Room Remix]


20-10-08, 11:54 AM
As an added bonus, I've got 5 videos from Marcel Woods' set, some dancefloor destroyers were dropped during that set too, love the one at the start of video 4, I probably had just the right amount of drink in me then :lol: :lol:

These are all sorta "ID's" to me even though they sound very familiar, so again if you know the names, tell me please :)

The Orange Theme?





20-10-08, 12:05 PM
Pictures time, there's 125 of them, not all of them are from inside MOS because it was my first time in London. They can all be found by viewing the slideshow at the end, but I'll post a few here. Ignore the timestamp, my camera was being crap :D










Full Album
http://s217.photobucket.com/albums/cc16 ... =slideshow (http://s217.photobucket.com/albums/cc165/TouchingVirus/Markus%20Schulz/The%20Gallery%20-%20Ministry%20of%20Sound%20-%2017-10-08/?albumview=slideshow)

Rick Valentine
20-10-08, 12:27 PM
Didn't you get a VIP tag when I saw you outside?

No i didnt i got a fucking peice of lego to give to the paying booth.
Haha the Rank 1 - Airwave video at about 3:37 Rick comes and attacks the camera doing some kind of evil laugh ? :lol:

Good pics n vids mate :)

20-10-08, 01:05 PM
Didn't you get a VIP tag when I saw you outside?

No i didnt i got a fucking peice of lego to give to the paying booth.
Haha the Rank 1 - Airwave video at about 3:37 Rick comes and attacks the camera doing some kind of evil laugh ? :lol:

Good pics n vids mate :)

You should have been given a VIP bracelet along with the lego thing, that's what all of us got too (lego + wristband). Stupid security guy :roll: :roll:

Yeah, some of the vids are funny, turned out pretty well, I'm impressed my camera didn't fall to bits with the bass :lol:

20-10-08, 03:49 PM
Sounds (& looks) like an excellent night was had by all, some of those vids are excellent, particularly the Sia one, really should get myself organised & head down to MOS soon

25-10-08, 11:35 PM
I can't beleive i missed this one :cry: do you guys always meet up for his sets? I'll have to tag along next time :D

28-10-08, 06:54 PM
No i didnt i got a fucking peice of lego to give to the paying booth.

Looks like they are saving some dosh, cos when I went, back in May, I got a marble :P