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16-09-09, 01:07 AM
click on the flyer for tickets...
http://www.club-calendar.com/EVENTIMG/01519.jpg (http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=2776624&pl=innercircleent)

17-09-09, 04:50 PM

is this far from Vegas???

oh crap....i promised id go to see ATB...but ill skip that and go to markus instead!! ohhh no this is bad bad bad news... HAHHAH

20-09-09, 11:21 PM
this is very bad news lol.

luckily for me it's on a weeknight and i cant get the day off so i'm going to have to miss this, but i'll probably go see him at vegas in nov.

markus at ruby skye in july was unbelievable.

21-09-09, 03:30 PM
just cal lin sick.

Elyse and I are taking the 8 hour drive hZhhahahah that is TOTALLY close enough :)

21-09-09, 10:44 PM
are we soooo sure about this...bc markus STILL doesnt have this up...also in the email sent out today he doesnt have it on his list.

I kinda need to know because ill be flying in and plane tickets are WICKED prices atm.....anyone can help???? :) :)

24-09-09, 01:00 PM
From what I heard, it was a very recent booking (my guess is that it was finalized the day I announced it on here) so the gig might've not been relayed to Markus just yet from Dave Lewis (his booking manager). I know he updated his gig list around the time this night was announced or maybe a day or two after.

Markus' gig list usually isnt updated every day...but every few weeks or once a month...so wouldn't see too much into it.

I've talked to someone (an old friend) who works directly with Markus and mentioned this night and he was saying how he might be with Markus in SF, so my guess is they are aware of it.

If I remember, I'll try to get a solid confirmation...just to be sure. I might forget, I am making this post at 4am hehe.

24-09-09, 05:58 PM
ooooh thank you! awesome! Just booked my flight yesterday me and elyse are uber psyched!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25-09-09, 11:56 AM
Hehe, I forgot to ask...

but I see it's on his calendar now.

Have fun.

Think this will be the second Markus show Ive ever (other than the time he came to SF in the late 90s) missed in SF. The only reason I missed one of the others is because we couldn't get a babysitter for our soon so I stayed home and babysat....the time before we couldn't get a babysitter either so I went that time. Had to make thngs fair. :)

29-09-09, 10:08 PM
Hehe, I forgot to ask...

but I see it's on his calendar now.

Have fun.

Think this will be the second Markus show Ive ever (other than the time he came to SF in the late 90s) missed in SF. The only reason I missed one of the others is because we couldn't get a babysitter for our soon so I stayed home and babysat....the time before we couldn't get a babysitter either so I went that time. Had to make thngs fair. :)

Im SOOO excited to go to San Fran. Ive never been there...In fact Markus is the ONLY reason ive ever even been in Cali AHAHAH

only other time was Anaheim for his show at Heat...then right back home.

I hear Ruby Sky is SIIIK!

btw...Ive always wanted to go to Spundae too.... ;)

04-10-09, 09:18 PM
omg sam I'm so jealous that you get some Markus this month
San Fran is awesome! I went when I was 13 and I loved it, I'm sure I would love it much more now lol

08-10-09, 09:12 PM
oooh i know...but soon enough youll see him...one month one month!! two nights i na row!!!

im so excited for this now!! i hope we can figure out how to get there. HAHAHHAHA

12-10-09, 10:24 PM

two more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg omg omg omg im so excited. i even bought new clothes. i dont ever do that for shows.....but im afraid i need to look decent in san fran. HAHAHAHHAHA

im actually kind of looking forward to the 9 hour drive, at least this time i land in vegas the day PRIOR so i can veg out on wed then get up and me and elyse can drive to san fran. YAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAY!!!

can not WAIT!!

16-10-09, 06:46 PM
Tell us allllllllllllllllllllllll about it and please include pictures asap. THANKS

21-10-09, 04:33 PM
Alright....Im home now so i can devote some time and effort into this. HAHAH

Elyse and I spent our 12 hour drive back home from San Fran compiling a list of the tracks we remembered he played HOWEVER- we neeed a real track list! This night was INSANE!! Elyse has said list so ill wait for her to post.

we were a little late due to issues out of our hands, but we managed to show up just in time to hear "Johhny The Fox" playing and we ran in so fast- we must appologise to anyone we may have gotten in the way of...hahahah!

We made it right up front to the right of the stage which was AWESOME! we had a place to put our stuff down and there were MASSIVE FANS right behind us!! why was no one else there??? And the crowd was great, everyone was nice and seemeed to really be loving it!! It was so much fun interacting with everyone!!

This show was one of my top 5, if not number one! there were just so many aspects to the intesity in this show!

First...Elyse and I have been waiting SOOOO long to see each other again and to go to a show...and to have it be MARKUS was such a blessing!! We had so much fun together and really reminded each other why we love to come to shows together! No one is as crazy as us...and we're ok with that...but so lost without each other :(

Second, neither of us have ever been to San Fran or to Ruby Skye and it was just one more road trip to some place we'd have never gone if it werent for Markus. We were really thankful for this!

Third, the show!! Was SIIIIK!!!! The only two songs we didnt get to hear (and completely expected NOT to hear hahah) were Shana and Perfect. And we were just stuck in 2008 hahahahah

Fourth, Markus seemed to be having so MUCH FUN!! How can you possibly be at a show with the DJ so happy and not be happy yourself?? its just not feasible!! When we got there and he smiled "hi" we were so happy! Theres nothing more fun then your favorite DJ saying hi to you and truly looking happy to see you!

Fifth, we were told that the club closed at 2am. We were really sad. But in our long drive to San Fran earlier that day we had made peace with it. So, as we normally do for the last 30 minutes or so...come 130ish we began our countdown. With each new song we first scream with excitement to hear it then looked at each other noting that there were only "so many more" left.....
Then it happened.....We looked down and saw that it was 2:07!! And no sign of stopping! So we looked back to our new friend and asked what time the club closed. He said 3am!!!!!! (this is the point in time that if we were going to get thrown out simply for SCARING people, we would have.)

On we went to listen for another hour in comeple AWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes yes yes

THEN....it happened again....We looked down and found 3:07 (literally on the dot) and looked at each other...OMFG!!! Hes playing until 4am!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have goose bumps writing this because its bringing back that excitement! hahahah!!!

So, for me another really special moment happened.

Markus dropped Without You Near!!

Why is this so special? ....well in 2006 i saw Markus for the first time live in Hartford CT. He was AMAZING! Shortly after that (about a week later) he was scheduled to be at Spirit in NYC) I had been to clubs, of course, in NY but not for the same reason. Not for trance, not for a true love of music. Basically Id have been there because it was just the thing to do. This was all new to me. But, my friend and I packed up and drove to Spirit because there was no way we could miss this show.
My first big show. Markus Schulz @ Spriit 2006

I adored every single moment of this show. However, there was one moment at this show that he managed to grab hold of my heart and i knew that from that moment on- my life would be different. I just knew i had found something that I loved and meant so much to me- this music, that moment

And it was when Markus dropped the remix of Without You Near.

At the time i didnt know the song at all. I sang it to myself for my two hour ride home to bring my friend home. I proceeded to sing it to myself for the additional 30 minutes back to my apartment. then i googled the shit out of it.

Well, Thursday night, Markus brought me FULL CIRCLE. I actually shed a tear! Not that I needed ANY reminding...but more...I was able to remember that feeling and how special is it to look back and say "I followed through!!!" That song, that moment, THIS DJ made me feel something so special that i promised myself i would never stop. And...I HAVENT! I had made a life goal for myself that night at Spirit. And....it felt so good to have the SAME MAN remind me how lucky i am!! just wow.

I know to some of you it may seem silly to hold so much value and faith in something. To you and to everyone else all I can HONESTLY say is that i TRULY hope that some day you can feel the love and importance and HAPPINESS that I feel when I am at a show, or just listening to this music. I wish the world this true love and happiness! People like Markus are the reason for it...so I have to say


I will not go on to name the trracks, as Ive said before Elyse has the list and basically every single track drove us NUTS!! There was truly not ONE song that we didnt look at each other with our crazy Bass Face and go crazy for.

As all shows, this one in particular, will truly go down in the books. Im so blessed to have been there, to have met the people I met there and to have had the chance to have such a special night with my best friend Elyse!! The road trip there and back was something that you only get once in a life time. We saw and experienced some amazing things, we got to talk and listen to great music....The lifetime channel couldnt even make a movie of this and give it the credit it deserves! hahahha

21-10-09, 04:45 PM
here are some pics from the night...though these are from my phone so theyre not very good. Elyse has some awesome ones on her camera :)



21-10-09, 04:54 PM
ohhhh hahahah and one thing i forgot to mention....I dont know WHY i thought this was an 8 hour drive.

its not.

Vegas to San Fran...straight through. Stops only for gas.... 10.5 hours.

San Fran to Vegas....12 hours!! WHOA!!! i was tired. Elyse and I got 2 hours sleep before she had to work Sat am!! jhahahaha I drove her in and went shopping....i think the vegas sun got to me or something.

Basically....if anyone from Vegas wants to go to Ruby Skye...I HIGHLY RECCOMEND you FLY!!! dont drive. HAHAHAH

Ill not trade it for the world we saw a lot of weird....amazing...cool thigs. but ill never do it again. HAHAHHA

21-10-09, 06:23 PM
OMG I LOVE IT i love it i love it

"our crazy bass faces" lmaofkrlfrkforkflko

that is so awesome about the club closing thing - i think its safe ( AND AWESOME ) to sometimes not trust club closing times when it comes to our djs they just keep GOING and its amazing. same thing happened for me in DC saturday - I called the club - they said they closed at 3am - but armin was still going at 4:30am - spectacular!


21-10-09, 10:38 PM
that's awesome that he played until 4am, so 12-4?

when i saw him at ruby skye over the summer, he played from about 11:50 to 4:15. :)

markus is one of those dj's that will play until they force him to stop..

sounds like an amazing night!

22-10-09, 03:45 PM
that's awesome that he played until 4am, so 12-4?

when i saw him at ruby skye over the summer, he played from about 11:50 to 4:15. :)

markus is one of those dj's that will play until they force him to stop..

sounds like an amazing night!

actually he went on at least 1130 if not earlier! :)

but we missed some :( though he often opens with johnny the fox i think, so maybe we missed just the intro :)

26-10-09, 08:03 PM
hey guys I'm new to this forum, but have been a fan of Markus for a couple years. Had a great time last week @ ruby skye. took lots of pics plus some video from that night. only complaint was that the line was so long...

here's a few pics plus a video...




link to vid on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/v/521936009661

Can anyone tell me what remix or mashup he did of Do You Dream? I should know this but can't think of it...

28-10-09, 06:16 PM
YAY!! welcome to the forum!!!!

awesome pictures!!! wow!!!

omgosh you are so luck yto live so close to ruby skye!! every single week that place ahs great people!!!

29-10-09, 04:31 AM
1. Glad you all had fun.
2. The drive between SF & Vegas with only gas breaks and maybe a quick stop-and-go for food is about nine hours, and that's without really speeding (maybe 80 sometimes). Wonder what path you took. The's a two-lane road you pass to go between the some highway way over there (it's an hour+ drive just on road) to the 101 in Cali, and that cuts off a big chunk of time. If yout ake highways all the way around, then it takes a bit longer.
3. Markus typically plays four-hour sets in SF. It really depends on the crowd. I think once he played a three hour set, but that's it. :) These do not include nights where he was playing with another headliner. I think it's really up to Markus if he plays the four hours.

10-11-09, 08:19 AM
GUYS!! Why hasnt someone yelled at me yet for not posting up stuff in here!!!

1. I started a new job, so sadly, I have a real life now as a nurse....
2. I have been editing videos of me and Sam from this night... I was waiting for them to be finished, but my computers all messed up, so im just gunna post what I have
3. Dont let me try to make excuses...


My Review is as follows: Everything Sam said I concur (HAHAH DUH...) But to put it into my own words and to add my own personal meaning for this show is this:
--- I recently moved to Vegas... away from all my NYC Trance Addicts... I go see DJs probably 10X more than I did in NYC- However, It is never the same without your best friends at your side, dancing away and going crazy with you... Here in Vegas, Im meeting a ton of new people, new trance addicst too (THANK GOD- essential) - But its never like it is back home...

Markus just happens to play the most amazing music that me and Sam are SO eye to eye on, and to be at a live show, with a friend who i have been separated from for SO long it just is the WARMEST feeling I could ever have!!!

The drive way FUN on the way there, HELL on the way home - LOL... hilarious. Anyways me and Sam have started to video-document our travels, so here is the first installment of the series below - and im proud our Debut Episode is Markus @ Ruby Skye!! :) This is meant to be our review of the shows, and to give you all big laughs. hehe :) I have Part II coming up with more live footage from the show but here is part 1.


ALSO - AS PROMISED - A Track list. I am going to jsut copy and paste what I typed into my phone. As for Remix and exact details if you cant decode my typing you can PM me. sorry, but if you have been following GDJB youll understand!
This is in NO order what so ever. .. sorry

Calvis harris I'm not alone
Dyor pos day
Goin in for the Kill <3<3
Susana - nothing at all vs pvd for an angel - edited w bass the f*ck up!!!! [see video for excitement regarding this track!!!!]
Evol waves mimi- markus big room recon
Eddit thoneik vs ranl 1 perfect vs sympho markus mash up
Joc find your self
Lentos- forget about us
Faces - ash wallbridge
Nothing at all - Susana/Rex M
Chinook - dakota
Johnny the Fox - Barnes and Heatcliff rmx
Sinn city dakota
Koolhaus - dakota
New world - m schulz
Do u dream - mschulz
Brain box - M Schulz REMIX
Armin mash up lost connection/ in and out of love
W.o u near!!! <3<3
On a metropolis day
Full tiltin
Brace your self
Timmtytommy accession
Joc new vocal ...
Gia tuvan
Cosmic gate vocal song
Take it all away
deadly night shade - foyle
Bitterweet nightshade
Tydi f audrey - you walk away
I'd trk 14 from global gathering kiev and track 3from Wt birmingham

There were SO MANY MORE!!!!


10-11-09, 08:51 AM

Pictures of the RoadTrip...
Me and Sam... Hittin the roadd for another memorable road trip!!!
HAHAHAH NO JK.. Alien Beef Jerky in scary Town, CA.


http://photos-a.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs243.snc1/9021_531119815079_60800313_31501584_8033912_n.jpg insert Chucky ' reeeaaa reaa reaa reaaaaaa' Ahhhh! SCARY!


NOW for the show

hahaha and... more of the crazy drive home... SAM AND ELYSE finally officially have covered BOTH coasts!!! <3

10-11-09, 04:41 PM
hahah awesome elyse! hahahah i didnt know you were going to post that video here LMAO!

is that the list we went over in the car ride home??

HAHAHAHHAH we were so intent on making a track list from the show....were like- DUH for the missing tunes lets turn on the last two world tours and i bet we can ID them ALL!!


yeah we need help. HAHAH

10-11-09, 05:58 PM
Wow, great photos and a great video. Sounds like you guys had a wicked night there.

P.S. I've never seen a car as messy as that :lol: :lol: :lol:

10-11-09, 06:08 PM
Hahahah! Sam, I wan going to wait to post the video because I still have footage from our trip to edit!!!..Hoewever my computers all messed up so I'm waitinf for a new sound card to be delivered *today* yay!

We have plenty more trance treks to upload:
Me and Sams (and Darudes) radio interview at XRadioMBiz studios....
-darude at perfecto
-ferry corsten @ godskitchen vegas
-randy boyer and Tritonal in san fran at ruby
-more from east coast friends- I think armin in DC :)

Hahaha.we r nuts :)

Yea that drive was iiiiinsane

Yes- the car was messy as hell+ but it smelled like a bathroom airfreshner- but eating sonic in there we did the rental company a favor!! Hahah

11-11-09, 04:09 PM
hahah ewe yeah that car was NASTY!!

yeah! we have videos too but i still have to figure out how to use that vegas software.,...um..hahahah that may take some time! lol

12-11-09, 05:14 AM
yea the vegas software is insane, thats what mikey uses for all his video editing ;) sam he can help us!!! MORE vids to come!!

16-11-09, 03:56 PM
awesome pics!! i love the beach ones so pretty


we are going to make the most epic videos EVER :D :D :D