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07-09-09, 01:52 PM
okay guys- this TL was written ON MY PHONE* during the set. i have to work in FOUR hours. So im copying and pasting and no one can laugh at me. (actually, please do laugh at me, it is quite funny) anyways i had an AMAZING time at the show, oMG markus was awesome, got to talk to him a bit and enjoy the set like FRONT and center on stage right next to DJ booth OMFg! yayaya. pic are on my facebook and more to come tomorrrow!! got to hear everything ive been dying to hear (except sadly johnny the fox... sadness) met a girl whose on the forum too. shit i cant rem her name but hopefully shell see this post!! okay and TL!:

i reference a lot of videos, i have to sift thru my phone and figure all that out tomorrow LOL. gNITE ALL

btw set was 3am-5am. two hours, not 3. thats okay bc EZ NYC wore me out before LOL

Sin city intro mix
All I want is u -vox
I'd from track openning at ez!!!
Jocen- brace ur fuckin self
Faithles rmx
Full tiltin joc!!!
Video 3 min 5 second
Vid 31 second
I'd num 5 sent to sam- prob dressed in white
New world./ no wait rex mundi sin city!!!
Faces big rm reconnnnnn
Brainb box!!!!!
Find yourelf!!!!!
New world!!!
Nothing at all!
Vocal track sent to sam vocal 'oh oh ohhh!'
Omg poerfect
Vid ++6 min 46 sex
Encore on a good day!!!!

08-09-09, 05:32 PM
nice!!!! and lol at brace your fu*king self

08-09-09, 07:21 PM
i am so happy for you,you had such a great time oiii :mrgreen:

08-09-09, 09:40 PM
Here are videos of Markus in Vegas. Rubberdoll, The girl from the Do You Dream music video was also at the event.










08-09-09, 10:39 PM
hahaha omg niceeeeeeeeeee videos!!! and lol in the third one down you can seee me standing next to the booth- when the dancer drops her little asian fan thing (wtf is it called brain fart sorry hahah) - i pick it up and start dancing with it and then start fanning markus! HAHAHA omg lol idiot.

08-09-09, 11:08 PM
omg girl thats awesome u manage to be so close to markus :o