View Full Version : Cool Markus moment...

26-08-09, 05:53 AM
my friends and i drove from la to sf in july to see his gig at ruby skye, we got to the hotel and decided to get some lunch at around 3. as we were walking to the cafe across the street from the hotel i was checking his twitter page on my iphone when i said, man it would be cool to run into him (his twitter said that he was on route to sf), right as i said that my friend says, "oh my god, it's him", we look up and see him 15 ft from us with who i assume is his manager, i yell out "Markus" and run up to him and show him his twitter page on my phone and go "look it's you," he was a little startled since four crazed fans just ran towards him but he was cool we chit chatted a bit and said we'll see you tonight.

needless to say his 4 hour set was off the hook and we met him afterwards too, very nice and down to earth dj.

29-08-09, 09:50 PM
oh dear you were really lucky i dont want to know what would happent if i was you in your place :P