View Full Version : Markus Schulz's Do You Dream Music Video

25-08-09, 04:27 PM
The official video for Markus Schulz's Do You Dream is out, Check it out.


25-08-09, 05:23 PM
Reminds me of an Alice DeeJay video from years ago.

LOL @ the commenter who said 2:24-2:27 was the best part of the video :lol: :lol:

25-08-09, 05:28 PM
like most trance videoclips its not that good, but it's made in holland so that's cool 8-)

25-08-09, 05:46 PM
'This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions' :(

26-08-09, 12:43 AM
haha kinda wierd vid...

Yeah Rick
26-08-09, 02:29 AM
So Boobs, Markus, Boobs, Markus, Boobs, Do you Dream....LOL Hey sounds a good recipe that I'd like to get thrown into :shock:

Serious Danger
26-08-09, 09:15 PM
The outfits on her look so dope!

27-08-09, 06:56 AM
I very much so enjoyed the video. But I find it a tad questionable as to the gun pointing with his hand in the end.. Still good!

And I also did some research and found out the girl is called "Rubberdoll". She makes latex suits; her fetish. haha Interesting choice in cast Markus. ;)

27-08-09, 11:11 AM
I got one word - BOOBIES! :shock: Haha :D

30-08-09, 10:34 AM
But I find it a tad questionable as to the gun pointing with his hand in the end

Yeah me too! It was definately a LOL WTF moment. Markus Zoolander. :P

05-09-09, 08:33 AM
cool video.... another top hit by markus. though the gun at the end is wierd... but love the concept of the video very orginal i must say :D :D [/b]