View Full Version : Markus Schulz on Pandora

13-07-09, 06:01 PM
Ok...so my friend Johnny just showed me how uber cool my blackberry is and that i can listen to pandora radio on it!

So....swiftly i made my first station....DUH! Markus Schulz radio.

Thats when it happened. Sla9 came on....over and over again. HAHAH

But, the first time "Sla9" came on it was really Daydream.
The second time it was labelled "Sla9" it was really my obsession "Perfect"

so. whats the deal? who do we scream at? bc that sucks. it shouldnt be hard for a RADIO STATION to label their tunes correctly. I dont want n00bs out there to think Markus only h as one tune on Progressed and its called Sla9!! hahah