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Yeah Rick
04-07-09, 01:15 AM
OK, first I want to start off by saying that I have NO CLUE where I ever got this CD from...Recently I was browsing through my old dance CDs that I have from many years ago. I was heavily into Fatboy slim and old Daft Punk about 9-10 years ago, which originally got me hooked onto dance music. I also have oldies from Oakenfold, original Tiesto Magik series, BT, Lo-Fi allstars, Armand Van Helden and (classic) Chemical Brothers. So I just decided to browse the collection one day to bring back old memories...and I came across some random cd labelled 'American DJ' mixed by yours truly, Markus Schulz. I couldn't wait to listen to it so I popped it into my computer, ripped it onto my Ipod and gave a good once over listen!

As far as where I got it from, I'm still not sure. Since this is #4 in a series, with three other DJs, I would assume this series was released into record stores(?) But lookin at the back side I noticed a large Legal Notice warning sticker (see pics below) noting that this cd is property of a record company and is used for promotional use only...Judging by this I think I received this copy with an issue of BPM magazine or something similiar.

The artwork and packaging is pretty cool, nothing bad to say about it. I included blown up shots of the DJ bio which is really awesome. It describes a great underground DJ scene in Phoenix, which I did not know about. It also describes the type of dark, progressive house which is the main theme of this album. There is also a great quote from Markus at the end of it too:

"My life is full of dark times and times when the sun breaks through and makes everything okay again. People don't know how uplifting music is, until they have been through the dark."

Its just amazing to read something like this because I think everyone who listens to this style of music or his current style can relate to this quote...

(on with pics)



Tracklist highlights:

Jay Welsh-Four Horsemen - This is definately a classic track from this era, great start to the cd
Trisco-Muzak(steve lawler remix) - This is probably the most popular song on the cd, I believe every DJ was spinnin this song at some point
Dakota-Swirl(cypher mix) - Interesting? HUH! lol I believe there is a new Dakota track called Re-Swirl (I wonder if this was the original)
Coast 2 Coast-Home - I think is the only 'trancey' song on the mix. This is an absolute classic monster.





I also included this shot of the "thanks" sections because if you read closely, there is some really funny stuff in there!!


Oh, and last but not least it says this Compilation was mixed live on 2 turntables which I absolutely love because it adds that extra feel of realism, that is so missed today which so much Ableton and other programs. It also showcases his excellent mixing and technical skills (back then) :D


04-07-09, 11:38 AM
Good find, i noticed this cd on his Discogs profile.
Swirl is indeed the original version of Re-Swirl, i used to absolutely love that track & didn't even realise it was Markus until i saw the tracklist for the new Dakota album!

04-07-09, 11:30 PM
good find indeed :) thanks for sharing!

13-07-09, 09:15 PM
oh gawd, I remember this. I told the label there better not be something silly like a neon cactus on the cover and whammo there it is!

Wow what memories....

Rick Valentine
15-07-09, 07:13 PM
oh gawd, I remember this. I told the label there better not be something silly like a neon cactus on the cover and whammo there it is!

Wow what memories....

Hahahaha :)

Would love to hear that cd, Trisco, Coast 2 Coast & David Forbes oh yes not to mention some Dakota ;)

Yeah Rick
18-07-09, 02:42 AM
Yeah, the neon cactus is...well...different. And for sure these are some classic tunes...I bet it would have been amazing to see Markus every week on a residency, only now knowing what he was capable of!