View Full Version : Godskitchen,Urban Wave,Pavillion Production in Moscow,Russia

03-06-09, 05:10 PM
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I'm getting tickets tomorrow. Bringing in 3 of my friends to this event. They've never listened to this kind of music and actually neglected it. That god's boombox thing must have gotten them into it or may be there's something else. Whatever... I believe it'll be a great introduction. The line up is sweet, Markus, Sander Van Doorn and Menno. However, they managed to stick in a Russian poppy-housy DJ for the warm up.

Just in case Markus happens to come across this post.
Could you pleaaaaase play Universal Nation by Push, the Original one. It feels so great when I see and hear a couple thousand people rock during this one. Real Old School Anthem for me.

I've had a lack of good electronic music for the last two weeks with my headphones broken - the event should be even sweeter.

Wonder if it'll make it to the next world tour special.

Anyways. Great to have Markus here!