View Full Version : Where do you guys normally listen...

24-04-09, 02:23 AM
to the GDJB!?!? I'm in the U.S. on the east coast and just once I'd like to listen to the broadcast "live" :D

24-04-09, 08:55 AM
www.di.fm/content/gdjb/ (http://www.di.fm/content/gdjb/)

Tune in at noon (12:00 PM EST) on Thursdays and listen to it as the latest episodes premiere.

24-04-09, 09:00 AM
I download the set through trancefix.nl.

I do wonder though, those numbers can't possibly be computed into the actual ratings of the show, right?

24-04-09, 09:33 PM
on DI.fm ofcourse.

Also there is a webradio station streaming GDJB 24/7 ;)
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03-06-09, 04:48 PM
I get it via torrent trackers. Usually it is
Lots of different radioshows there.

Last week's show
Markus Schulz - Global DJ Broadcast - guest Marco V (2009-05-28)
120 Seeders - 6 leechers
right now.

Serious Danger
29-07-09, 09:06 PM
I listen to it Thursdays on "Evolution with Sirius"

29-07-09, 10:02 PM
listen to it online at di.fm while i'm at work then download it from livesets.us when i get home for my ipod. :)

Yeah Rick
26-08-09, 02:48 AM
FYI - If you have itunes just go to the Radio tab and find AH.FM

24-09-09, 03:25 AM
I sometimes listen to it on DI.FM while at work. And every weekend I download it for my iPod + collection. I have every single episode of GDJB :D

I often go back to some of the older episodes to listen to tunes that faded away or were never released and are now extinct. Besides some of the older GDJB World Tour episodes regularly make it back on my iPod from time to time. For instance, the Mexico City episode from last year - banging.

Towards the end of that set Markus dropped Dyor - Vision (Hard Emotion Mix). What a stunner that was. Unfortunately he didn't really play it much after that (or at least wasn't broadcasted in his GDJB WT episodes). I waited months for its release.

Or when late last year he opened a show with Giorgio Moroder vs Danny Tenaglia - From Here To Eternity, and followed up with Matthew Dekay - Living in a Bubblepop. One of my favorite GDJB moments of all times. :)

Markus if you're reading this, for the sake of a long-time fan, would you please drop those two tracks once again on GDJB, perhaps on the opening stages of a WT episode? Or maybe during a broadcasted liveset?