View Full Version : Hows does markus have time...

27-02-09, 07:02 PM
to make the GDBJ and Evolution radio sets? I mean he is leik globe hopping 24/7. My only conclusion was that he uses a Program to make his sets instead of Decks. Anybody know what program markus uses? VDJ,Ableton,Traktor etc.

27-02-09, 08:32 PM
Ya, I think he said in one of his blogs when asked about this that he uses his laptop for GDJB/Evolution.

Not sure what program.

27-02-09, 10:26 PM
Live! :D

Rick Valentine
04-03-09, 10:02 PM
He uses ableton on his shows and prob makes them thousands of feet above the clouds on his flights :)

05-03-09, 08:10 PM
You must be kidding... GDJB is NOT live mixed by Markus anymore?

Thats quite a shock :cry:

Rick Valentine
19-03-09, 08:38 PM
You must be kidding... GDJB is NOT live mixed by Markus anymore?

Thats quite a shock :cry:

It hasnt been mixed live for years infact i cant remember if it even was ever mixed live

20-03-09, 08:13 AM
That states why all the transitions in the GDJB are "perfect".
Does Markus make them himself? Or does he has a team for it.

I mean, what role has Markus in the GDJB these days, or is it just a radio show to get his name out.

20-03-09, 02:53 PM
When you've been DJing for so long it's not hard to get transitions perfect 99.99% of the time, first time around.

Markus makes GDJB, sometimes in the studio at home (on CDJ's or with Ableton), sometimes while on the road with Ableton. Nobody does GDJB except Markus..

Of course there's the wider Schulz team who are probably responsible for choosing guests or getting their sets, business management and that - I can't imagine Markus has the time for these tasks being on the road so much.

20-03-09, 03:53 PM
To answer some of the rumours.

In the early years of Global DJ Broadcast on Party 93.1 (2002-2004), almost every show was broadcasted live from the Party 93.1 studios in Miami. However, because Markus' name was growing around that time, it meant that his gig commitments took him away from home at the weekends - mostly to Europe, which therefore meant he would have to record his set earlier in the week and another Party 93.1 DJ would host the show on that Sunday night.

(Some of you may have heard a few episodes where Heather sat in the studios talking about the sets)

You must remember that we are now in the era of radio syndication, which makes it impossible for Global DJ Broadcast to be "live". The same goes for all other radio shows, obviously with the exception of one live ASOT special per year. Markus does say that he misses the excitement of doing the show live and talking on the microphone to a live listening audience, but in reality, that will never happen again, unless he continues doing a radio show when he retires from touring.

Markus has used Ableton to mix Global DJ Broadcast (and any guest mixes for other radio shows) since August 2005. It allows him to be more creative and make special edits of each track to fit his sets. In all honesty, 90% of the tracks you would hear in a typical 2 hour studio set have been edited by Markus in some way. Using Ableton is also convenient for him to make the show when he is not at home in the studios in Miami. During the summer last year alone, GDJB was made in Berlin, Ibiza, Barcelona, Madrid, Tunisia and just once in Miami.

The exception to the Ableton rule is the GDJB World Tour recordings, which is Markus live at one of his gigs, and he performs live using CDs.

And finally, all Global DJ Broadcast shows are 100% mixed, compiled and produced by Markus himsefl. There has never been any consideration by him to do otherwise.

22-03-09, 12:37 PM
Thanks ImpactPlayaz for the clear explanation.

Live or not, I will continue to listen GDJB for the entire time it will be broadcasted now and in the future. Its cool to know the backgrounds about the show and its obvious that when you are a great world-wide DJ and have TWO radioshows you must make compromises to some things to get it out there in time for all the fans.

I love his dedication to the show and the music. Thats one of the reasons why I still love his style and mixes so much. He is my personal number one, and big idol.

Anyway, thanks guys, and ofcourse Markus :)