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25-01-09, 04:22 AM
No words to describe how charismatic he is and completly energetic... gawd he is incredible!!
Can't wait for your next concert Markus! And btw, your blog is always good to read! Loved the title "detox" for playlist hehehe and the US hopefully will progress, just like your trance hehehe!

25-01-09, 08:22 AM
I wish I had the last 4 hours of that set to listen to forever. Bangin' set Markus.

25-01-09, 08:59 AM
After reading the blog entry of Markus Schulz, just had to add my favorite highlights of the show:

Ronski Speed vs. Rex Mundi - Perspective Space
tyDi - Russia
Markus Schulz - Cause You Know

I don't know how you did it Markus, but you made me lose myself in that rabbit hole.

And always my personal favorite:
Markus Schulz - Perfect

4/4 with that one:
Resolution @ Montreal 12/31/07 (a "Fly to Colors" tangent that's unprecedented, still)

Park West @Miami 3/29/08 (Thanks for playing with Armin, sending him off, then playing til 8AM! - Arnej - They Always Come Back: unforgettable; that little melody was in my head until May when I heard it again by you @ Pacha =)

Pacha @ NYC 5/30/08 (Thanks for the Acapella of "Girl you lost to Cocaine," tricking everyone into thinking the show's over, then keeping it going for another 90 minutes - 6AM! - My best moment @ Pacha)

Pacha @ NYC 1/23/09 (Thanks for blowing the roof off for the last 4 hours of the set. No complaints. I lost myself for 4 Solid hours. That's special)

25-01-09, 07:18 PM
I'm so jealous :(