View Full Version : Markus Schulz @ Heat Ultra Lounge Anahiem CA 8 Jan 2009

07-01-09, 03:20 PM
So, Ive never been to Cali, or vegas. My friends are in vegas and realy want me to come...so...they are going to see Markus and they KNOW I can not stand the thought of missing any shows...So Ive booked a last minute flight and Im going!!!! wooo hoo!!! I get to be someplace WARM...its a dream!! Ill only be there for the night then home at 7am sat...LOL...yeah, Im that crazy!! I just hope there are tickets left!


07-01-09, 05:07 PM
Have a great night sweety :) Lucky girl! Waiting for your review and pics! xoxox

08-01-09, 04:48 AM
he's also going to be playing at a bigger venue called Vanguard on the 10th in LA so if u don't get tickets @ heat come over to LA!! :D

08-01-09, 02:30 PM
Have a great time Sam ;)

08-01-09, 06:56 PM
im so jalouse..have a great evening :geek:

10-01-09, 04:50 AM
It was an amazing night!!! I cant go to any of the other gigs, unfortunately, because i literally flew in JUST for last night. HAHAH Im on the other side of the country :)

Mikey was Markus' photog for the night, and I can honestly tell you- the pitcures are AMAZING! They will be up on www.mikeymcnukty.com (http://www.mikeymcnukty.com) as soon as Mikey finishes working with Markus- ie, Markus gets them first, of course :)

Ill come back sunday after resting from my 11 hour flight..lol...and do a nice review!!!

fabulous..and, btsw, the club was small but everyone there was amazing!! the staff were great and I cant say enough good words about them. AND>..I finally got to meet Sweet Cany Girl (I think shes on this forum too) :)

14-01-09, 08:22 AM
Alrighty Guys!!!! The Pics are posted at MikeyMcNulty.com

Let me tell you that this night was 100% amazing. oh my goossh! I dont have time to write up a whole review but the bottom line is that I had Sam, Mikey and Markus with me and it was more than i could ever ask!!! Sam FLEW ACROSS THE COUNTRY to meet us and everything was 100% smooth... we actually got to Anaheim.. across the country.. and we got to the venue way earlier than we ever can get to NYC - LOL, anyways...

The best moments personally for me were when he dropped Cygnes (Mr Sam f Claud9), Lost Connection (Jochen Miller), Sia - Buttons (Markus Schulz Orig Intro Mix), PERFECT, Daydream, Coma Aid , PERCEPTION remix... and some of the stuff he was dropping REAAALLY had that Dakota feel to it, coulda been some exclusive stuff, i really dont know. his set was from 1130-2am, but the best 2.5 hours I have ever had in a while, and all the best was that i had SAM by my damn side, came like 20+ hours in plane/car travel to share the moment with m e... a last minute trip but one of the most well worth it trips ever, right sam!! i LOVE YOU!! thank you!!! (Wow so i guess i did just write a whole review, okay...) hahah

We got to say hi to Markus real quick at the end, he knew Sam from NYC and was bummbed that we wont be in LA or Vegas for his upcoming gigs, but its okay we still have NYC! He stayed around the booth for a good 10-15m saying hi to fans and stuff, it was great to watch, i really think so much of Markus as a person and a DJ, which is why I totally was pushing for Sam to make the trip - I knew it would be worth it...

Here are the pics of the night, so so so good, Mikey was Markus's Official Photog for the night These pics are amazing, the colors, the clarity, my gosh.. Great crowd shots and great Dj shots, you MUST go check out the whole set of pictures at www.MIKEYMCNULTY.com (http://www.MIKEYMCNULTY.com)


14-01-09, 11:11 AM
I checked out the photos over on Mikey's site, have to say they're very impressive, looks like a great gig!

Also .. Coma Aid woooooooo!!!